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XYZ Homework may be helpful for math, but its range of services is limited and not budget-friendly.

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The results of our research

When we first heard about the XYZHomework service, we were pretty excited — it’s not every day you will find not just a writing service, but also a tool that can help you improve your knowledge and get better grades. However, we were rather disappointed to find out that the scope of XYZ Homework service is only limited to math.

That’s right, the whole www xyzhomework com website is dedicated strictly to a single subject, which is math. Essentially, this service is a learning tool where you can master different aspects of math through tutorials and then test your knowledge with various tests and quizzes.

The XYZ Homework website itself looks rather outdated and there is very little information on what the service can do. We know that it is used not only by students, but also by instructors and other members of the faculty who want an easy solution for assessing the skills of their students and grading their homework.

Pricing and

The first thing you should know about XYZ Homework is that this service is not available free of charge — it comes with a yearly payment. However, the founders of XYZHomework probably realize that this service is not for everyone. That is why every new customer is entitled to a 15-day trial period that is available for free. During this time, you will be able to test the service and decide whether it’s suited to your needs. After that, XYZ Homework costs $45 per year in one payment.

The important features of the service include:

Video lessons

With a subscription, you get access to the video lessons that explain complex math concepts in every detail and help you understand the subject better.

Math exercises

There are over 4,500 math exercises that will assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of any math concept you may be currently struggling with.

Automatic grading

The automated grading system will be particularly useful for instructors, as it allows to grade multiple tests at once with minimal involvement from the teacher.

Easy communication

With XYZ Homework, you can build an effective communication system between the teacher and individual students, the whole class, or between students.

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Quality of work execution

At first glance, beginning to use the XYZHomework system does not look particularly complicated. We easily obtained an XYZ Homework login, but then we discovered, perhaps, the biggest catch: you can only access the tutorials and tests on the website if your instructor previously set up an online class and gave you an access code. Without it, XYZ Homework, no matter how great its resources may be, is pretty much useless, unless you have an invite from the teacher.

After taking a more detailed look at the functionality offered by XYZHomework, we discovered that the interface and knowledge base could certainly use an upgrade. Right now, it doesn’t feel like a modern website and the user experience is far from ideal. As far as we could tell, the selection of study materials and exercises is decent, but you are very limited in your ways to access them. Plus, you will constantly require help from your instructor for navigation.



XYZ Homework provides little to no guarantees to its visitors in a standard understanding of the word, but it does give a few promises:

  • There is an unlimited practice feature, which allows you to practice solving the problem as many times as needed.
  • XYZHomework is not particularly strict when it comes to grading and can know the difference between a mistake and misspelling.
  • If your instructor allows it, you may have more than one attempt to correctly answer the question.
  • Both students and instructors can contact customer support during working hours with any requests.

Payment options

There is no section on the website clearly explaining the payment options available to the customers, but we would assume that you can pay for the membership using the standard payment methods such as Visa and Mastercard. Given the outdated feel of the XYZHomework website, we don’t think they offer PayPal payments at the moment.

We did like the fact that XYZ Homework comes with a trial version. Moreover, the trial version is fairly generous. While some online services will only give you between three and seven days to take a look around the website, the 15-day trial seems more than enough to decide whether you want to continue using the service. However, after the trial period is over, the $45 per year payment seems too steep to us. Since it’s only one subject, paying this much to just be able to do homework online does not seem reasonable to us.


We already talked about the lack of essential information on the XYZ Homework website, which is why it shouldn’t surprise you that there are absolutely no reviews of the service to see there. At the same time, there are plenty of customer testimonials available on third party websites and discussion boards. After reviewing the testimonials, we found out that instructors are pretty happy with the service, as it helps them save the effort on grading.

When it comes to the opinions from the students, the picture is slightly different. There is a small percentage of XYZHomework student users who are also satisfied with the service. They say it’s very helpful for understanding and practicing math, and they also like the testing system that can be set up by the teacher. However, there are many students who have had to use XYZ Homework because their teacher said so and they are not too satisfied. They think the interface is outdated, the grading system is not very precise, and the price is not budget-friendly for a single subject.


We have gathered for you the
Pros and Cons



Availability of a trial version


Variety of study materials and tools


Outdated website and inconvenient interface


Steep price for just one subject


Lack of interaction between the students and the instructor


Limited hours for customer support


What is XYZHomework?
XYZHomework is a math homework help service. Note that it doesn’t actually do any assignments for you. It’s just a more convenient way for students and teachers to assign and deliver homework.
Is XYZHomework legit?
As a homework tool, XYZHomework is absolutely legit and is probably one of the top sites in its niche. However, if you’re looking for someone to do your homework, XYZHomework is definitely not the service for you.
How much does XYZHomeworkcost? only offers yearly membership plans, but you can start with a 15-day free trial to see whether it’s for you. The yearly membership costs $45, but it may not be the wisest investment of your money.
Is XYZHomework reliable? is only reliable as an online homework tool can be. It’s always available and it offers different functionality for students and instructors. However, it’s not reliable as a study assistant since there is no human to help you.
Is XYZHomework a scam?
XYZHomework is not a scam since it clearly explains that it’s a homework tool, not a homework help service. However, there are people who still think they can have their homework done here, and they are inclined to think it’s a scam.
Is XYZHomework safe?
The website does not look very modern, but there haven’t been any security issues reported here. You can safely use the website without worrying about your private data.
Is XYZHomework plagiarism-free?
XYZHomework is not a paper writing service and it doesn’t do any actual homework for you, so the question of plagiarism is not really relevant here. However, we will say that the study tools on XYZHomework are fully original.
Are there XYZHomework discounts?
No, as we’ve said, you can enjoy a 15-day free trial to see if XYZHomework works for you, but that’s about it, there are no other discounts or bonuses for new or existing customers.


The idea behind XYZ Homework is actually a good one: it was designed to become a one-stop-shop for students and their teachers who want to enjoy a better understanding of math. However, the execution of the service is far from perfect: the interface is in need of an upgrade and every other aspect of the website needs improvement. Given that for $45 per year you only get access to a single subject, we do not recommend XYZHomework as a study solution.

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