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If you are looking for custom writing services, Wordy isn’t the company you can rely on.

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Advertiser Disclosure

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The results of our research

Wordy is a company that offers editing services but doesn’t help clients with writing academic papers. This service only assists people in proofreading and editing pre-written texts. If you look for the company to order a custom paper, we advise you to consider another option.

Although the service was launched in 2009, it has a modern design. Many people who look through the website say that they would entrust their text to this service. The company itself states that more than 90% of all clients are satisfied with the editors’ work results, but we very much doubt it.

Our own research showed that Wordy isn’t as flawless and ideal as it claims to be. So, if you want to use this service, you must read this review to get insight about all important aspects of its work and decide whether you need it. It’s supposed to be high-quality writing help, but it’s a hypothetical idea.

Pricing and

Wordy isn’t the academic writing service we are accustomed to, and that’s why pricing policy here differs. Since this company edits and proofreads papers, it charges clients not per page, but per word. Standard delivery costs €0.030. If you need to get your edited paper faster, opt for express delivery, and you’ll be charged €0.040 for that. The minimum order price is €8.25 and €11 (express delivery). These are costs for the 300-word text. You’ll be charged this sum even if your text is shorter.

Here are Wordy.com features that are worth your attention:

Professional proofreading and editing

Expert editors can fix grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes, get rid of syntactic errors and inconsistencies, improve the structure of your paper, and make your text sound better.

Ready to go essays

Your essays are written from scratch. Writers are crafting them in real time. You can be sure that no translation cheating or machine learning takes place, only handwritten content.

Short delivery time

The 1,400-word text will be edited and proofread in 6 hours or even less if you order a standard delivery option. Express delivery time is only 2 hours.

Experts cover 56 subject areas

Editors do not just fix mistakes without paying attention to their subject matter. Service does everything to make your text fit into a particular style.

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Quality of work execution

The main factor that influences the quality of work execution is the skills of people who write it. Those who look for custom writing services will be disappointed because it’s not a suitable option. All you get from Wordy is proofreading and improvement of existing paper. The information on the website states that all writers go through checks and tests to be eligible to work on the orders. The testimonials on the website are absent, so you’ll need to look for reviews on the Internet.

Numerous Wordy reviews are positive, but opinions of regular customers who have been using this service for a long time are rather negative. They report that over the past few years, the prices went up and the quality of papers decreased. The requests of clients aren’t immediately met either: editors usually start working on the paper after several hours. Our own experience with this service lets us state that the quality of papers there also depends on the subject and its complexity.



Finding any information on guarantees is a challenge. However, if you look through the website, you’ll find some of their guarantees. First of all, they assure excellent performance. But we’ve reviewed this aspect and concluded that they often fail to keep the promise. Re-editing and money refund are other important guarantees to consider. Clients who aren’t satisfied with the paper can request three revisions. If none of them satisfies you, the head editor will review the paper and decide on the refund sum.

Payment options

Wordy offers customers to pay for editing services using popular payment systems, such as Visa, Master Card, and American Express. PayPal is also available. There is no information about the encryption and protection of payments, but as we know, all PayPal payments are encrypted.

If you aim to use service for a long time and have several texts to edit and proofread, you may buy pre-paid credits instead of paying per text with your bank card. Buying credit packages is a convenient option for those accounts which are used by several people. No matter how many credits you buy, they don’t expire on the next day and next month, so you’re free to use them anytime you want. There are four credit plans available: $49, $199, $799 and $1,999. A bonus system lets you get more credits than you’ve paid for.


One of the primary aims of our Wordy review is to check the service’s reputation and keep you safe from fraud. The best way to find out everything about a particular service is to read the reviews. Since Wordy doesn’t post any testimonials on its website, the only way to know clients’ views is to read their reviews on third-party websites. We spent a lot of time doing this research: we read the reviews and ordered editing on our own to make up our minds.

We can claim that the reputation of Wordy.com cannot be called flawless. In general, their reputation is marred by irresponsible attitude to work execution, unjustified rises in prices, and poor quality. Customer support service often neglects its clients. There are only two ways to contact managers if you have any problem: you may write in Live Chat or use the contact form. Many clients complain that they had to wait for the answer for a long time. Such an attitude to clients forces many people to reject their orders. Positive reviews exist, but their number is too small.


We have gathered for you the
Pros and Cons


Modern design

It makes the process of using the site more convenient and fast.


Those who buy credit packages may get some great discounts.

Professional editors

All experts hold academic degrees and are native speakers.

High prices

Even if you have a short text, you must pay fixed price for 300 words

Poor customer support

Clients sometimes have to wait to get the answer for too long.

Limited services

Proofreading and editing is everything you can use here.

Editors’ irresponsibility

Clients report that writers make their clients wait.

Tricky refund policy

The amount of refund depends on the percentage of mistakes.

A few free revisions

You can’t request more than three free revisions.


What is Wordy?
Wordy is a proofreading and editing online service. It’s not specifically targeted at students, but it is sometimes used by students to improve their quality of writing. However, Wordy.com does not do any assignments from scratch.
Is Wordy legit?
If what you need is some editing assistance for a paper you’ve written yourself, then yes, Wordy is perfectly legit. However, since it doesn’t actually do any writing for you, it’s only legit to a degree.
How much does Wordy cost?
Wordy charges its customers for every word it edits in a document. Most customers pay €0.03 per page, but there is an urgent delivery feature that will cost you €0.04 per word. Note that there is a minimum order price on Wordy.
Is Wordy reliable?
Wordy employs some very qualified editors and generally does a good editing job with most papers. It also has a strong adherence to deadlines and you can use it for urgent orders. Still, it may not be your best option since you’ll have to do all of the writing yourself.
Is Wordy a scam?
No, Wordy.com clearly states that it’s an editing and proofreading service, so you get exactly what is advertised. Because of this, Wordy cannot be called a scam even though some users are disappointed with its limited services.
Is Wordy safe?
Yes, Wordy handles customer data responsibly and doesn’t ask for more of your personal information than it absolutely needs to render the services you’ve paid for.
Is Wordy plagiarism-free?
Wordy does not provide any writing services, does not check the papers for plagiarism, and does not rewrite other people’s papers to create an original paper, so there is no information on whether it is actually plagiarism-free.
Are there Wordy discounts?
No, there are no Wordy discounts you can use. You can only make the price of your order lower if you for a smaller number of words you want to be edited by a professional Wordy editor.


Taking into consideration the fact that the majority of students look for custom writing services, the companies offering editing and proofreading services aren’t so widely used. That’s why finding a reliable one for this purpose is a challenge. But if you look for a trustworthy service to edit your paper, Wordy isn’t the company that is worth using. You’d better spend more time and find a decent service with excellent quality.

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