Unemployed Professors Review 2021- All You Need to Know Before Using

Unemployed Professors review

The premise of Unemployed Professors is interesting, but the service does not deliver good service.

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The results of our research

If you have been using academic writing services regularly in the past, you think you have probably seen it all. However, Unemployed Professors service manages to surprise even experienced students who buy custom written academic assignments all the time. The biggest clue is in the name: Unemployed Professors claim to hire real professors who are out of work.

There is a whole legend about the origins of the service. According to it, the service was launched by just one unemployed professor who got disappointed in the corrupt world of college education and made it his goal to help students from all walks of life. Soon, other jobless professors joined him and the service has been working ever since.

However, we cannot help but have doubts about this story. Being a college professor is a prestigious, high-class job that you wouldn’t just give up. And since there is no way of telling whether real professors work for the service, we choose to believe that at least not every person working for Unemployed Professor is a genuine professor.

Pricing and

Instead of having a clear and understandable pricing system, UnemployedProfessors chose to use a bidding system for their orders. Whenever you want a supposedly unemployed professor to do your assignment, you need to upload the task to the website and then have the writers place their bids. There is no minimum or maximum price per page, but we found that most writers charge from $15 to $30 for one page of the assignment, which is considerably higher than the average prices we see in the market.

When you order from Unemployed Professors, you get these features:

Free pages

No matter what type or size of a paper you order, you will get several essay pages, such as bibliography, title page, and references, for free.


Need your paper to be formatted according to one of the US formatting styles? Just ask your writer to use Harvard, MLA, APA, or Turabian citation!

Fast delivery

If you want your essay to be written as soon as possible, simply say so when placing the order. Get ready to pay accordingly for an urgent order!

Communication with the writer

Once you accept a bid from one of the writers, you will be able to communicate with them directly via the messaging system in your order page.

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Quality of work execution

We would be fine with the high Unemployed Professors cost of service and their possible lying about the writing staff if the quality of work execution matched our expectations. Unfortunately, that is not the case with this service. We found the papers written by the service to lack not only outstanding writing, but also basic requirements for academic writing. There were particularly many problems with the vocabulary, although spelling and punctuation were also far from perfect.

The situation with the quality of writing seems especially ironic if you look at the website and its promises given to the customers. The authors of Unemployed Professors make sure to point out that they don’t hire writers from developing countries such as India, where, according to them, people have a poor command of English. Given the UnemployedProfessors’ own problems with the quality, this statement seems not only hypocritical, but also very offensive to people living abroad.



In order to make you feel more confident in your decision to order, Unemployed Professors offers a few standard guarantees. Most importantly, your order will be written completely from scratch without any copied and pasted fragments from other works.

Other guarantees include observing the deadline, protecting the customer’s private and financial data, and only releasing the payment to the writer after you have received your paper and confirmed that you are happy with the work they did for you.

Payment options

We liked the fact that, along with the popular payment methods such as Visa and Mastercard, Unemployed Professors offers you an opportunity to pay by PayPal. We view PayPal as one of the most secure ways to pay online, so when you pay through PayPal, you at least can hope that your data and money will stay safe. You can also choose several other options.

What we definitely didn’t like was the fact that Unemployed Professors does not offer any refunds to the customers. The only instance where you can get a refund is if you transferred the money to your account on the website but then changed your mind and didn’t place any order. And even in this case, UnemployedProfessors will deduct a 23% administrative fee before returning the money to you. In any other situation, including the possibility of you not being happy with your order, you are not even entitled to a partial refund.


In preparation for this Unemployed Professors review, we have seen dozens of reviews and testimonials from people who have already bought papers from the service to find out the general opinion about Unemployed Professors on the internet. We found that the numerous Unemployed Professors Reddit and Google reviews paint a rather complete picture.

We cannot say that 100% of the reviews of the service found online are negative, but there are far more negative reviews than possible testimonials no matter where you look. The most common complaints from the customers concern the quality of writing. Even with simple and short essays, the quality leaves a lot to be desired, not to mention the complex and demanding papers like dissertations and theses. The choice of words is often questionable, the spelling is not always precise, and punctuation problems are surprising, since the papers are supposed to be written by real professors.


We have gathered for you the
Pros and Cons



UnemployedProfessors offers a decent number of services to the customers.

Bidding system

While the execution of the bidding system is not the most convenient, it gives you a chance to manage the order price and author.


There is a big possibility that your paper will lack the quality you are looking for.


We are not fans of Unemployed Professors talking condescendingly about people from other nations.


There is no way to verify that every writer working for the service is actually an unemployed professor.

No refunds

No matter what the situation is, you can never expect to get a full or even partial refund.


What is UnemployedProfessors?
UnemployedProfessors is an academic writing service. It was supposedly launched by a former professor who had a sincere desire to help other students, but we find it hard to believe those claims.
Is UnemployedProfessors legit?
UnemployedProfessors.com tries very hard to create a credible image of itself in the academic writing world, but only few customers are buying into it. UnemployedProfessors is not a good option for a high-quality paper.
How much does UnemployedProfessors cost?
On UnemployedProfessors, there are no pricing guides whatsoever due to the fact that the site employs a bidding system. So you will learn the price of your order only after you publish the details and view the bids from the writers.
Is UnemployedProfessors reliable?
There have been numerous reports of UnemployedProfessors being very uneven in terms of deadlines and paper quality. In the end, your experience can be both positive and negative depending on the writer you choose.
Is UnemployedProfessors a scam?
The whole story with fake professors working for the service definitely seems like a scam, but other than that, there is not enough evidence to suggest that UnemployedProfessors is a scam and you will likely get your paper from it.
Is UnemployedProfessors safe?
UnemployedProfessors.com claims to use the most advanced data protection mechanisms to ensure the safety of its customers. After your order is completed, your data is supposedly wiped from the site.
Is UnemployedProfessors plagiarism-free?
The UnemployedProfessors website makes some bold claims about the absence of plagiarism in their papers thanks to the use of its own plagiarism checker. In reality, we have seen testimonials mentioning partially plagiarized works by UnemployedProfessors.
Are there UnemployedProfessors discounts?
Definitely not! The bidding system used by UnemployedProfessors means that there can be no discounts as each order price is decided by the writer alone. You can try negotiating a better price, but it’s unlikely that you will succeed.


For our UnemployedProfessors review, we took a deep look at the promises and quality of this writing service and we have been largely disappointed by what we found. The prices are often too high and are nowhere near the quality of writing, which is subpar at best. Plus, we have a hard time believing the legend about unemployed professors working for you, so if the service was able to lie about that, who knows what else they lie about?

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