Ultius Review

Ultius Review

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Ultius is a well-known essay provider on the market. They win your heart from the first glance. It seems that there is no paper writing platform foreseeing that many use case scenarios, as ultius inc.

On the other hand, the friendly user interface won’t guarantee you an A+, will it? So what you are looking to find out now is whether ultius is cheating when promising high class papers from native writers. In our ultius review we’ll ensure to cover this subject.

Ultius Overview

Let’s start from reviewing their website. As mentioned above it’s easy and clear to use. On the start page of ultius essay platform you’ll find pretty much everything you need to know before placing an order. The company takes the time to explain what is the step by step process and what to expect after you make a request. You can find out about ultius features and career opportunities. And yes, all this on the start page.

Talking about jobs at ultius inc. The company says they are hiring only 6% of all applicants. That strict they are. Well, it’s a nice thing to highlight in our ultius review. However, by searching a bit on the web you can get a different idea. There are many ultius reviews complaining about the quality. And from time to time you can find someone explaining in comments why does the quality goes low. There are many posts where people spoke about interest in buying verified ultius writing accounts. This really doesn’t sound like being selective in recruiting.

But if we switch in our ultius review from this scammy moment, there are plenty of positive things to focus on. Like usage of modern plagiarism tools, 1:1 chat with your writer, and a website seamlessly working on all kind of devices. Follow this ultius review to find out more about their features.


Ultius is positioning itself as an American company which hires only American writers. To be honest, there are not many ultius reviews complaining about their writer being not native. By default when making your assignment writing request you will be matched with a fit available asap. On the other hand, you can make your own portfolio of writers and keep on working with them. There are three types of writers you can choose from:

  • Best available.
  • Requested writer.

Besides that, you can upgrade your order to a TOP writer.

Quality in our ultius review is a high priority. Especially remembering comments regarding ultius cheating. So, once you get working with a writer, he or she is supposed to involve other team members into the deal. First of all, an editor, who will review the final paper before you receive it from your writer. The support team is doing a pre-screening of your instructions, the writer periodically shares drafts. The editor will be responsible to review whether your original instructions were met, the quality of the paper. As well, the editor will do a plagiarism scan.

If after all this you are not happy with the essay afterwards, you can send it for revision and they’ll redo it. Read about their revision policy in our ultius review below.

Ultius support team is available 24/7 for any of your requests. The company as well offers a list of free resources for you to write your own essay and a blog with many tips and tricks. Besides that you can see writers’ samples to ensure in the level of quality provided.


As promised before in this ultius review, it’s time to talk about guarantees the service offers. Actually, there is a lot of information on their website written with very small, tiny letters. Which means they don’t want you to read it, right? In fact, those small written paragraphs have a lot related to the revision and money back guarantees.

Ultius revision policy isn’t too complex to understand. However, it is quite strict, comparing to other platforms. Imagine, if you postponed reviewing your paper for a week, you won’t be able to get a revision afterwards. Exactly, only 7 days – that’s all ultius offers you. After this deadline has passed you can’t ask for free revisions. In case you fit within that week, your paper will be redone in 3 days.

Another thing to mention in our ultius review is that your instructions must be 100% clear. They shouldn’t contradict with the original request. But also, the things you want to have changed in the paper have to be defined precisely. You can’t just say you don’t like it.

There is not much to say regarding the refund policy in our ultius review. The company clearly defined the cases when a refund is granted in full. These are errors during payment or lack of available writers for your order. However, it becomes complex once it comes to you being not satisfied with the paper. The disputes are reviewed case by case. You can be entitled for a full or partial refund, depending on the situation around your paper.

Ultius review summary

Definitely, there are many positive things about ultius. The very comfortable to use website, which you can access from tablet, mobile or desktop without losing the quality. Then their advanced process of preparing your paper. It’s a pleasure to know that there are at least 3 people working on polishing your order.

But we also have to mention the bitter part of our ultius review. The company has little control over its’ freelance writers. Most probably there are people buying writers’ account on ultius and doing a side business over there. What is important to mention once again in our ultius review is that the revision policy is very tough. And the money back guarantee quite unclear. So, whilst the quality of the papers can be high, it’s still risky because of the bad reputation made by some people buying accounts online. And then with no clear refund policy, it’s up to you if you want to risk it.

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Guarantees
  • Support


The paper we received from Ultius was delivered with several issues inside. However, after a couple of revisions, we got it substantially correct. The service was decent, but not superstar-level.