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Tutoriage had a promising start, but right now we would not recommend it to any customer.

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The results of our research

There are writing services that are extremely popular with customers and enjoy a fantastic reputation in the market, but Tutoriage is not one of them. In terms of customer affection and reputation, Tutoriage is located somewhere in the middle. Many potential customers are left wondering: is Tutoriage good?

It might not be easy to find a definitive answer for this question without placing the order. We decided to save you the trouble with our Tutoriage review. We want yo7 to have the best possible experience when ordering an academic paper, which is why we did an in-depth investigation of the service.

The Tutoriage essay writing service is one of the many companies who offer a variety of types of writing assistance, although we found the selection of Writing services to be rather limited. Her you will mostly find essay and term paper writing services, while the more rare and exotic assignment types are missing from the list of services.

Pricing and

Instead of implementing the classic order pricing approach, Tutoriage works on a bidding basis, which, in our opinion, is the inferior method of pricing the papers. Whenever you want one of the Tutoriage writers to do your essay, you need to place the order with requirements to the system. Then, the writers will start placing their bids with prices. Choose the best reviewed author or base your choice on the lowest price offered by the writer and wait for your order to be completed.

Tutoriage tries to win customers over with the following features:

Over 800 writers

The number of Tutoriage writers continues to grow due to their hiring policies, which is why you should have plenty of candidates to choose from.

Qualified authors

Tutoriage claims to hire only writers with at least one PhD degree, which, in theory, should elevate the quality of writing to a new standard.

Low prices

According to the Tutoriage website, this writing service offers the lowest prices in the market and does not require you to pay anything upfront.

Timely delivery

With Tutoriage, you can expect your order to be completed exactly when you need it, which is useful if you operate on a tight deadline.

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Quality of work execution

We wanted to be as detailed and truthful as possible about our review, and there is only one way to know how good the Tutoriage services really are, so we decided to place a test order on the website. The order placement process itself was rather easy, but then we experienced the first problem: after three hours, we only received one bid, which was prices way higher than the market average for the same type of academic assignment.

We set the deadline to be 48 hours for a 3 page essay. However, the writer delivered our paper an hour late. When we reviewed the essay the Tutoriage writer did for us, we spotted numerous errors and factual mistakes. That is why we have a hard time believing the company’s claim that only PhD writers from the United States work for the service. We sent the paper for a revision, and while the writer complied with our request, he was again late.



Tutoriage makes numerous claims on the website that can be easily interpreted as guarantees, but we found two of them particularly 8nteresting. The first one is the originality guarantee, which promises that your paper will not contain any plagiarized fragments.

The second claim is the confidentiality promise. According to Tutoriage, your private data will never be stored on the website or shared with third parties. If you get a paper done by the writer, it should be impossible for anyone to trace the authorship of the essay.

Payment options

At Tutoriage, you only learn the price of the paper once you place the order, which may be inconvenient if you are operating on a budget. As soon as you choose the writer for your assignment, you must make a deposit to your account, but the payment is only released to the writer after the order is completed. You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal.

We are used to seeing academic writing services offering free revisions and possibilities of a refund to their customers, and while Tutoriage also lists them as options, you need to meet quite a lot of conditions to qualify for either of them. For example, if you received an order and want to change something about it, you can do it only in under 3 days since the order completion, provided that you didn’t release the payment. The conditions for a refund are even more complicated, which is why we can’t help but feel skeptical.


When it comes to judging the reputation of Tutoriage, we wanted to get the most complete picture, first, we checked the testimonials on their own website, which contain some information about the customer and the assignment. About 90% of those testimonials are highly positive, but it’s important to keep in mind that the service can easily modify them to change their tone and make themselves look better in the eyes of the potential customers.

The reviews of Tutoriage on third party websites have proven to be much more informative. While some of the third party reviews also speak positively about the service and its features, some of the testimonials were not as positive. People have encountered problems on the order placement stage similar to the ones we were having, but the issues with the finished papers proved to be even more common. Customers found the quality of writing to lack finesse. Many of the papers done by Tutoriage failed to incorporate the customer’s requirements. Finally, a revision is not easy to obtain.


We have gathered for you the
Pros and Cons


Order management

With a bidding system, you have more control over the candidate for writing your paper.


The bidding system requires the writers to offer better conditions and lower prices to be picked for the order.

Variety of services

We didn’t find the range of services offered by the company to be all-encompassing.


While the papers with the bidding system should cost less in theory, in reality, you will probably have to pay more for a Tutoriage paper than you would pay normally.

Order quality

The quality of the paper we received from the service, as well as the customer reviews, did not convince us that it’s a genuinely high quality writing service.


We are wary of any writing service that employs the bidding system, and in the case of Tutoriage, our suspicions were correct. The prices offered by the writers are even higher than average, while the quality of writing is completely unconvincing. And, given the potential problems with obtaining a revision or a refund and the questionable reputation of the service, we do not think that Tutoriage is a good option for your academic writing needs.

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