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Time4Learning review

If you are not a homeschooled student, Time4Learning is probably not a good option for you.

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Time4Learning Intro

Time4Learning is the online education platform that focuses on homeschooling as the alternative solutions to the traditional school system. The service is represented by the website for the children of kindergarten and up to high school students. Time4Learning reviews mostly claim that the service is highly functional and serves as the ultimate distant education solution. However, we’re here to have a deeper look at what it actually is, and whether it’s of any use for students. Follow our accurate Time4Learning review to find whether the service delivers the promise to stay an effective alternative to traditional education, or is it just a writing service as some people confuse it with. 

Time4Learning UI/UX Experience: Is it Convenient to Use?

Time4Learning incorporates a childish, colorful design that will be OK to see by any kid or parent who wants to buy a subscription. On the main page, visitors observe search, login, and sign up bar to enter the personal profile page. Below is the navigation menu where you can find such website destinations as curriculum, subjects, homeschooling, resources, FAQ, and available demos. As you can see, there is no mention of ordering an essay or paper to get done by freelance writers.

Time4Learning Review

The service wants you to find out what the quality of their products is. They have various demos for different grades and subjects. In particular, they offer:


  • Pre-School
  • K-2nd Elementary
  • 3rd-5th Grades
  • Middle School
  • High School


  • Math
  • Language Arts
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Extra Subjects

Time 4 Learning Review

The website wants parents who decide to choose a remote education program for their child to be engaged and be sure that the service is not a scam. To see their demo-lessons, you can choose every grade from PreK to High School. This is how they’ve attracted their target customers – parents of children who opted for distant education – to pick a course for the right age of their child.

Time4Learning Reviews

Any Creative Writers Out There? 

Time4Learning rating is above average in the niche of remote education. But is it relevant to essay writing? Not at all – the service provides educational courses on the subject for preschoolers and those who are in school at this point. When thinking about buying an essay at Time4Learning because someone told you that they do that, miracles won’t happen. The service doesn’t provide that kind of expertise, but such essay writing services exist in specialized essay agencies, so look there instead. Is Time4Learning legit? It definitely is but not in terms of essay paperwork.

Time4Learning is the platform based on the CompassLearning Odyssey system. This educational platform provides interactive experience for the pre and in-school students. Speaking of the services that the company provides, they do not offer any diplomas or anything after children complete the full course as distant learners. They provide the curriculum adapted for remote learners, that’s all. The service doesn’t issue report cards either, they do not have the appropriate accreditation for that. The Time4learning scam claim is not relevant though because the service explains everything in their terms of service in detail. 

Services Time4Learning Provides in 2020

Time4Learning offers homeschooling by grade as their primary service. They have divided the curriculums according to the grade system. They have a dedicated overview page where parents can learn everything about homeschooling. Getting started with preschool or even twelfth grade happens on Homeschooling by Grade page. You can find it in the navigation bar. 

Time 4 Learning Reviews

The next core component of homeschooling by grade at Time4Learning is lesson plans’ scope and sequence. This is the page of the website where you can see the plans by grade and subject in relation to the academic age of the student. The number of activities for each subject is listed to get the idea about date lesson plans for parents who’ll place their children into the context of remote education.

The extra service offered by Time4Learning is called Premium Homeschool Electives. What’s inside it is some extra activities that the service prepared for children who are tired of the curriculum. Most of them appear in the game form, so the passions to explore things are available for the children who will take those after-class courses. They include:

  • Foreign language learning powered by Rosetta Stone
  • Writing courses from Time4Writing
  • Practice games and printables from VocabularySpellingCity

Supplemental homeschool curriculum is the extra service, it’s not obligatory. Time4Learning explicitly states that, so every parent decides whether they’re worth checking considering the development of their own children. 

Time 4 Learning

Payment Methods at Time4Learning

Is Time4Learning reliable in terms of payment methods? Yes, but to access the service, Time4Learning requires the payment according to the selected subscription type. To activate the membership, you have to create the account and pay the fee. The amount of payment is based on the number of children the parent registers, the selected grade, the number of requested courses (only high school students are included here).

Official means of paying for the service include such solutions as:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express

Extra means of payment like Paypal or Purchase Order (PO) must be verified via the support team. You can find contact details on Time4Learning, they’re available in the Contact Us section of the website. It seems that the question of is time4learning fake is not relevant at the moment, the payment system is fine. 

Time4Learning Price Range: Membership Plan

The price range really depends on the grade level of the students. You can expect the following numbers from Time4Learning prices:

  • From Preschool to 8th grade, the membership for a month costs $19.95 for one student. The next extra students will cost $14.95 for each person.
  • For the high school and above, the cost-per-student is $30. The number of included courses is 4 with the chance of purchasing the extra ones for $5 per month for each course. If you add another student of lower than high school level, it’ll cost you a discounted $14.95 price. Rate for the second student of high school level remains unchanged.

The payment is billed every 30 days. No extra fees are included – you pay what they ask you to. Is Time4Learning legal in terms of getting the cash back? Yes, it also has the 14-day money-back guarantee for new members. As a member, you can start, stop, or discontinue the membership whenever you want. Cancelation is possible via Parent Dashboard. Once it happens, the members will have access to the curriculum till the billing cycle ends. 

Time4Learning Deadlines

Time4Learning is a platform that has info about time devoted for every student to pass the course. Every curriculum, either for a preschooler or high school student, does not have strict deadlines, they’re only recommended for the parents to keep track of student performance related to any specific subject. 

Parents who have registered the accounts have a unique login to enter the profile. There, they can check on student lesson plans along with assignments set by the course. They also can check the records of home and course assignments completed by their children. After that, parents can choose default-level courses, pick certain ones, or customize educational programs by Time4Learning based on their preference, child’s performance, and general difficulty of the course. 

This opens the broad field for academic custom curriculums. No one restricts parents from having a child working at second-grade for the majority of subjects yet passing a third-grade for history or literature if a child has enough time, motivation, and general understanding of the course program.

Once again, Time4Learning doesn’t deliver essays, they do not have strict deadlines set by customers who order papers like in a typical academic writing agency. Parents are free not to follow chronological recommendations for every curriculum either. Adaptation for children’s needs and individual performance are the obvious benefits of remote education – Time4Learning accents on that in every corner of their digital product. 

Revisions and Refunds at Time4Learning

Since Time4Learning is not an essay writing service, they do not have traditional revisions and refunds for unsatisfying quality of final papers. Instead, they offer a system that guarantees money return in all cases when parents are not satisfied and want to drop Time4Learning in the middle of the billing cycle. 

The billing cycle starts on the day when you registered and made the initial payment for Time4Learning subscription and the chosen curriculum. The billing takes place every 30 days. No hidden fees are following in case you want to stop using the service. Every user has a 14-day money return guarantee. 

You can start, stop, or pause the billing at any possible time. To cancel the subscription, go to Parent Dashboard. When the billing is stopped, the access to the program and student reports will be available until the end of the billing cycle.

Time4Learning Customer Support

There are two ways to get troubleshooting at Time4Learning. The first way does not require contacting support directly. In case of the second one, you have to create the contact inquiry explicitly. What you can do is leave the following details in the inquiry to let the support get in touch with you:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Message


Alternatively, you can call them on their phone number. The support is available 7 days a week from 8:30am to 8:30pm. However, the website states that they prefer getting in touch via the Contact Us page. 

Time4Learning Pros and Cons

Time4Learning is the popular remote education service that takes leading positions in its niche. However, the service does not provide any essay writing services. The main focus of the platform is customizable curriculums for children of different ages. From this standpoint, here are the following pros and cons of Time4Learning:


  • You can choose the curriculum at a certain academic level. You can also mix the schedule with disciplines from different levels packed in the all-in-one curriculum. This feature maximizes the learning potential of the students. 
  • The whole learning process is interactive and engaging. The lessons are tied up with storytelling, so most students have better engagement through interacting with objects on the screen and playing games to get to the next level.
  • Parents do not have to spend too much time on controlling the engagement and performance of their children. The system is easy to set up and reduce the prep time to minimum.
  • On the lower levels, the human factor of a teacher’s presence in the classroom is replaced with voice recordings from the on-screen characters. Children who cannot read will be able to know what is happening. 


  • Parents have to set up the working environment for the children, which takes plenty of time.
  • No precise lesson plans are present. Parents can’t set up the elements of the lesson which will be included. 
  • In the long run, the price for using the service might be a bit steep.


What is Time4Learning?
Time4Learning is the online educational platform for homeschoolers. They provide curriculums for students of different ages, from preschool to high-school ones.
Is Time4Learning legit?
Yes, Time4Learning is present for 10+ years on the market – they provide curriculums according to the standards of modern American education.
How much does Time4Learning cost?
Expect the next Time4Learning prices:
- From Preschool to 8th grade – $19.95 for one student. The extra students will cost $14.95 for each person.
- For the high school students and above – $30. The extra courses are available for $5 per month. Discounted $14.95 price is available after adding another student of lower than high school level.
Is the Time4Learning scam?
No, Time4Learning asks to pay for the fully-fledged homeschooling remote program.
Is Time4Learning safe?
The platform is safe to use because it doesn’t put children into any cyberthreat. All lessons contain only safe visual materials.
Are there Time4Learning discounts?
Yes, refer to the discount system in the pricing section. The platform explains how it works for extra students of each age group.


In general, if you’re not looking for any kind of essay writing, and you’re a parent or a student who wants to try out the homeschooling, then Time4Learning is worth a shot. They do not provide any academic paperwork assistance, yet their website has various detailed pages with guidelines about curriculums, screenshots, and demo lessons. Children who follow the distant education program will be on the right track of academic schedule because of the automated reporting system that controls the number of scores and time spent on every lesson.

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