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Slader is an adequate study solution, but it is not as good as most essay writing services.

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The results of our research

Slader is one of the newer study resources online, but it has already gained a decent reputation among students of all academic levels. The reason for that is the unique premise of the service. Slader, or Salder, as it’s called by some of the customers, is a database of study solutions created by the staff and other users.

So how exactly does it work? Slader contains thousands of textbooks on every academic subject starting from middle school. For each textbook, there is a list of quizzes and questionnaires that students often need to complete to demonstrate their understanding of the material. The quizzes are crowdsourced and the answers are published on Slader.

There are two primary ways to access the required quiz, problem or question. You can browse by subjects and then select the book you are using in class, or use the search function and enter keywords to your question or the entire question. Slader is undeniably a cool and modern company that even has its own merch line available on the website.

Pricing and

One of the most surprising things about Sladder is that this service is completely free of charge. You don’t need to pay anything at any stage of your website experience, from creating your account to accessing thousands of materials that are offered there. To answer your question about how Slader can afford to be free, they say that their operations are funded by the ads. However, there is a Premium version of the website that costs $1.99 per month and removes all the ads.

You can use Slader in any of the following ways:

Browse textbooks

If you study with a specific textbook and need to solve the quiz or problem at the end of the chapter, you can enter the book’s name, ISBN, or locate it in another way.

Search questions

In case you don’t have a specific textbook requirement but rather want to find an answer to your question, you can browse the database of millions of questions answered at Slader.

Rate solutions

Many of the solutions offered by Slader are contributed by users just like you, which means they can always be improved. Rate the solution you discover from 1 to 5 to increase their quality in the future.

Become a contributor

Want to add to Slader’s huge knowledge database? Sign up as a contributor and start answering questions and providing real help to other students.

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Quality of work execution

It probably won’t surprise you that the quality of content on Slader is hit or miss, as it’s often the case with crowdsourced websites. Since basically anyone can make a contribution to Sladers collection of solutions, there are plenty of answers that have questionable quality. And even though the community at Slader does a respectable job of moderating the content and making sure that only quality answers make it to the website, there is a lot of work that needs to be done.

Plus, even though the website claims to have thousands of books and millions of answers, we found it to lack some of the most common books and solutions. We made several search queries, and while some of them came with great results that would really help us write a decent paper or do homework, many of them came back blank. However, we are sure that the Slader service is constantly developing and that you will be able to find even more information in the near future.



As a completely free service, Slader does not make any guarantees to its users, which is absolutely understandable. Since Slader is not exclusively responsible for the content on the website, it cannot guarantee that all of it is usable and has the highest quality.

The only way to reach the customer support of the service is through email, which they say they check “sometimes”. However, most of the information on the Slader website is written in a casual manner, so we have no way of knowing whether they really mean it.

Payment options

In most cases, you won’t even need to use any payment options on Slader, since the content of the website is available for free. If you want to use the Premium account and remove the ads from the website, you have only one way of paying for the service, and that’s by entering your credit card details directly. No PayPal payments are offered at the moment.

In addition to the desktop version, Slader also has dedicated mobile versions that are available both for iOS and Android. The apps themselves are free, as is the content on them, but there is a Premium option, which removes the ads from the app. The Slader apps contain the same knowledge database as the desktop version, so you can enjoy the same content as you do on your computer. Slader’s mobile apps are highly rated by the students, which is not surprising, considering that students spend most of their time on their phones.


Back when Slader first appeared, which was only a couple of years ago, students were ecstatic — it was one of the first services where you could not only study the books, but also find answers to the questions and problems you are dealing with every day. The ability to contribute to the content on the website and help the website grow was also very appealing to the users. However, with time, customers started noticing more problems with the service.

If you look at the Slader reviews online, you will discover that many of them are highly positive and praise the service for its functionality and for the fact that it is available absolutely for free. At the same time, some of the reviews are not that positive. People often complain about the quality of content that is contributed by other users. The contributing users frequently abuse the rating system and downvote the solutions posted by other users. Plus, Slader users sometimes report the fact that the book is present on the website, but there are no solutions to its problems.


We have gathered for you the
Pros and Cons



Service is available for free and special Mobile App


Big database of knowledge

Open System

Ability to contribute to the content


Not all books and subjects are covered


Users can post questionable content

Moderation System

No strong moderation system


No personal writing services


What is Slader? is a service that contains answers to school questions and solutions to various school problems. It’s a helpful study guide, but it’s not a paper writing service that can do your essays from scratch.
Is Slader legit?
As a study guide, Slader is absolutely legit. It contains lots of helpful information that can assist you on every stage of your education process. However, since it doesn’t write essays, its functionality is actually limited.
How much does Slader cost?
You can get free access to the database of knowledge at Slader and no payment is required to get help from the service. There is, however, a Premium membership option that costs $2 to $8 depending on your level.
Is Slader reliable?
Slader is a reliable service if all you need is some guidance or an answer to a study problem, but there is little to no human interaction on Slader, so you may not be able to get the help you need.
Is Slader a scam?
No, Slader is pretty affordable and doesn’t promise more than it actually delivers. It does not share the signs with scam writing services and you can use with confidence if its services match your needs.
Is Slader safe?
There is no need to share more of your personal information than you absolutely need to with Slader, so you can be as anonymous as you want while using it. Slader is also committed to the confidentiality of its members.
Is Slader plagiarism-free?
Slader does not actually do any writing, so there is no possibility of plagiarism in the help you get from the service. And Slader is more tailored to match problems anyway, so there is no plagiarism in those either.
Are there Slader discounts?
No! You can get a pretty good use out of Slader for free, but there are no discounts if you’ve decided to become a paying member of


The ultimate verdict regarding our opinion about Slader depends on how you view the service. If you consider using Slader to find answers to complex study questions or even get rid of the writer’s block, you will probably enjoy it. However, it is impossible to view Slader as a solution for your writing needs, since there are no writers to create your paper from scratch. So if you search for a reliable writing solution, we cannot recommend Slader.

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