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Scribbr does an adequate job with editing your paper, but its services are obviously very limited.

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By now, you probably cannot be surprised by the various essay writing services you can find online. However, sometimes you feel like you can write a good essay by yourself. It’s the editing and proofreading part that fills your heart with dread. Making sure your paper is 100% plagiarism-free is also often a challenge.

This is where a service like Scribbr comes in handy. Here you won’t find any academic writers willing to do your essay or another assignment for money. Instead, the editors and proofreaders of Scribbr will check your paper for all kinds of mistakes and polish your writing to fit any academic writing standards.

Personally, we found the selection of services offered by Scribbr rather limited. Here you can get your paper checked for plagiarism, edited and proofread, and supplied with correct in-text citations in the required format. These services can be helpful if you are confident in your own writing, but we would also like to see writing services added to the list.

Pricing and

Unlike regular essay writing services who charge you by the page, Scribbr uses a different pricing model, where you are charged for each word you upload to be reviewed by the Scribbr editors. Depending on the type of paper and the deadline, the rates start at $0.014 per word. However, that is only true for editing and proofreading services. If you want to use Scribbr as a plagiarism checker, you will pay $18.95 for a document up to 7,500 words, while a larger document will cost you $39.95.

Overall, Scribbr offers 4 types of services to the customers:

Editing and proofreading

If you have written a paper and now want to make sure the writing is spotless, hire a professional editor to polish your writing and correct any mistakes.

Plagiarism checker

Want to avoid potential problems with plagiarism at your school? Use the Scribbr plagiarism checker and see any phrases that need to be changed.

Citation generator

If formatting the citations is always a weak point in your academic papers, you will definitely appreciate the MLA and APA citation generator at Scribbr.

Knowledge base

In case you want to become a better academic writer and deliver quality papers time after time, use Scribbr’s extensive database of guides and articles.

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Quality of work execution

Since the rates for Scribbr services are generally higher than you’d normally see in the market, the quality of work execution by the company should be absolutely flawless to justify the cost. However, that is not always the case with Scribbr. For our Scribbr review, we have seen multiple examples of the works delivered by the services and we instantly pointed out the obvious lack of consistency in the results of our experiment.

Some of the edited papers we received from Scribbr have been edited fairly heavily. The editor corrected wrong word choices, spotted and fixed a few spelling mistakes, and brought the punctuation in the paper to the common academic standard. Still, the remaining papers were less than lucky. The editor returned the papers with nearly no corrections at all, and even when something was corrected, we felt like that wasn’t necessary.



Given the higher than average rates and the positioning of Scribbr in the academic service market, you would expect the service to offer plenty of guarantees to their customers. That is why we were so surprised to see that 100% error-free editing is not guaranteed.

Scribbr points out that, with their current rates, the editor can check your paper only ones. There is always a chance of mistakes making it into the final draft of the paper, and Scribbr does not guarantee that it will check the paper again to eliminate the errors.

Payment options

If you decide to use the Scribbr services, you will need to pay upfront. Once the total amount of your order is calculated, you will be given an invoice, and then you need to pay for your order as soon as possible for the assigned editor to begin the proofreading process. You can calculate the approximate price of the order using Scribbr’s rates.

There are several payment options available at Scribbr. You can pay through the usual Visa and Mastercard options, use your PayPal account or American Express, or go for one of the less common payment methods we rarely see in academic writing services, including iDEAL, WeChat, and Alipay. However, you should note that using each one of those payment methods means you also need to cover the transaction fee ranging from 2% to almost 4% of the total amount. We did not expect having to pay extra fees for already expensive services.


While preparing our unbiased opinion about the service, we checked many Scribbr reviews on third party websites, since they are usually the ones giving a complete picture as opposed to the testimonials on the service’s own website. The reviews of Scribbr online turned out to be largely mixed and dependent on the customer’s expectations from the service. Overall, we would say that 40% of the reviews are positive, while 60% are neutral or negative.

Customers who were expecting the service to do their academic assignment from start to finish were obviously disappointed when they found out that Scribbr only does editing and proofreading services for the customers. However, even customers who knew what they wanted, didn’t always receive a positive result. Some users complained about the poor editing quality, which left many of the mistakes and inconsistencies unedited. The plagiarism checker is also said to often fail to notice the similarities in the text. Finally, the citation generator can be hit or miss, depending on the case.


We have gathered for you the
Pros and Cons


Editing services

It’s not often that you would find a professional editor ready to proofread your paper.

Clear rates

Scribbr makes it easy to calculate the approximate order price with rates per word.

Limited functionality

A typical student needs writing services more than editing help, but Scribbr does not offer writing assistance.

Expensive services

Professionally editing a paper at Scribbr can cost as much as hiring a writer to do it from scratch.

Extra fees

Having to pay additional transaction fees with your order payment can be frustrating.

Lack of guarantees

The service cannot guarantee that your paper will be 100% error-free.


Scribbr clearly stands out from other academic services, but while it can be helpful when you only need someone to edit your paper, we would like them to also offer essay writing services to the customers. The service also needs to work on the quality of editing it delivers to the customers. With the unstable quality of work execution, raised prices, and limited functionality, we cannot say that Scribbr is the best option for your needs.

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