Scribbr Review

Scribbr Review

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Scribbr is a professional editing service based in the Netherlands. With over 200 editors they are the industry leader in the Netherlands and in Belgium. They provide their customers and are expanding internationally. PhD students may come to invent their references next to having their theses checked. Their knowledge base provides them with articles about how to compose essays or theses, offering students everything they need to complete their studies successfully.

Quality of Scribbr

The quality of  submissions Scribbr varies drastically. Some people aren’t even currently writing in English that is readable but the direction will insist that you edit the document anyway. This does not feel completely ethical as there are times when the editor needs to basically rewrite a large section of the sentences to be readable.

Scribbr: Services

These orders require so long that the pay per term is extremely low. There have been instances when I have told management that an order is incomprehensible and they will not be helpful, and tell me to just continue editing it even if I have very little idea what the student is saying. Management isn’t very helpful in regards to questions about recurring grammar mistakes in a client’s order.

Summary on Scribbr

There have been times when I’ve made a question about an obscure grammar stage I was unsure what to do with and received the reply”Just leave it as it is” or gotten an incorrect response, which I’d then find out was incorrect after doing plenty of my searching online. It is also difficult with the time difference because the direction can not be communicated with by editors of Scribbr working in time zones as readily.

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While our experience with Scribbr was far from perfect, we have already reviewed and found truly professional services. Check our top services reviews.