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With overpriced services and subpar quality, Ultius is not the best choice for your writing needs.
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  • Ultius, or Utilus, as it is commonly referred to online, is one of the best known academic writing services on the internet. It has launched in 2010, and since then, Ultius has gathered quite a reputation for being a reliable writing service with a strong online following.
  • However, if you take into account the many reviews online, things are not always great with Ultius. In fact, Ultius has turned out to be one of the most divisive essay writing services we have ever reviewed, with half of the reviewers swearing by their quality of writing and the other half being very unhappy with what they got.
  • Obviously, we couldn’t stay away from all the controversy surrounding the company. We decided to do our own Ultius review to give you definitive answers to two most important questions: “Is Ultius legal?” and “Is Ultius a good option for your essay writing needs?”. And while Ultius is technically legal, the second question requires much more consideration.
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Ultius Inc utilizes a standard mode of operation where the price is calculated automatically instead of using the bidding method. As a result, the prices at Ultius stand out from the competition, and not in a good way. The price of the paper depends on the page count, the deadline, and the writer’s level. The cheapest option is a 1-page essay from a High School writer with a 20-day turnaround time, which will cost you a whopping $17.50. This is one of the most expensive rates we’ve seen so far.
When you order from Ultius, you can also opt for the following features:
  • 6 hours or less 01

    Ultius can complete your paper in under 6 or even 3 hours, provided that there is a writer available for the order and the paper length does not exceed a certain limit.
  • Graduate writer 02

    Want to ensure a higher quality of your essay? Request it to be written by one of the 10% of the top writing pool at Ultius. For +20% to the price, your essay will be written by a graduate author.
  • Requested writer 03

    For 15% over your order price, you can request the assistance of a writer who caught your attention or you worked with before and enjoyed the result.
  • Free pages 04

    When you order an essay from Ultius, you can get some pages, including title and references, absolutely for free. The paper will also be reviewed by a professional editor.
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Given that Ultius, in general, is one of the most expensive writing services we have ever reviewed, we expected the quality of their writing to match the steep rates for essay writing. Instead, we were rather disappointed by the results of our test order. The order process itself was rather smooth. Plus, it’s rather convenient that you can instantly see the price quote for your order. Ultius quickly found a writer for our 3-page essay order.

However, the writer failed to deliver the completed order within the specified deadline, which was 48 hours. When we finally received the paper several hours later, we realized that the content of the essay is nowhere near the college academic writing standard. The writer did not take into account the instructions we placed with the order, and the formatting of the paper was sloppy. Plus, the essay was missing about ½ of the last page.

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Ultius makes sure to point out that the service guarantees to hire only American writer, but after we received our test paper, we are not sure we fully believe that. There were some mistakes that could only be made by a writer who is not familiar with US writing standards. Another guarantee issued by Ultius is that the paper you receive will be 100% original. It’s worth noting that the editors test the papers with their own plagiarism checker, so if you want to ensure absolute originality of the paper, you need to test it on your own.
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To make the payments more convenient for their customers, Ultius provides every customer with a variety of payment options. You can pay with your Mastercard or Visa credit card, or use your American Express or Discover account. We also liked the fact that Ultius offers PayPal payments, which are very popular with customers due to their safety.

Like many reputable writing services, Ultius offers two important options to its customers: the free revision and the money back guarantee. You can request a free revision in up to 7 days after receiving the order, but the writer can do the revision in up to 3 days, which can be unacceptable if you are on a tight deadline. If you are not happy with the order even after a revision, you can request a refund, but it’s only going to be a partial refund. Plus, if you decided to cancel the order, you have only 1 hour to do it.

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To check the reputation of Ultius among customers for our Ultius review, we scanned through hundreds of testimonials both on the Ultius website and on third party review sites. There are plenty of customer testimonials on Ultius, and while most of them are highly positive and contain 5-star ratings for the service and its writers, we tend to take them with a grain of salt, since they can be easily modified and hidden by the Ultius site administrators.

The numerous Ultius reviews on third party websites proved to be much more informative and indicative of the true level of service at Ultius. We would say that there is about 50/50 rate with third party Ultius reviews, with roughly half of the customers being absolutely happy with the work they god and another half feeling less than satisfied. The most common complaints in the negative reviews include the occasional missed deadline and the inability to get a full refund for a work that was done badly. The uneven quality of writing is also frequently mentioned in the reviews.

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Ultius has a modern site design that is easy to navigate.
Steep rates
The prices for Ultius services are, on average, twice as high as in other writing companies.
Range of services
Ultius offers a complete range of services not only to students, but also to workers.
Quality of writing
The quality of work execution at Ultius is often unstable and varies from writer to writer.
The free revision and money back guarantees exist on paper, but it can be tough to actually use them.
Judging by the customer testimonials, Ultius services can be hit or miss.
Ultius has a modern site design that is easy to navigate.
Range of services
Ultius offers a complete range of services not only to students, but also to workers.
Steep rates
The prices for Ultius services are, on average, twice as high as in other writing companies.
Quality of writing
The quality of work execution at Ultius is often unstable and varies from writer to writer.
The free revision and money back guarantees exist on paper, but it can be tough to actually use them.
Judging by the customer testimonials, Ultius services can be hit or miss.


What is Ultius?
Ultius.com is a custom writing and editing service. It offers a standard variety of features and very similar functionality and range of services to other writing companies.
Is Ultius legit?
Ultius has been around for several years, which may give you an idea that it’s a very legit writing service. In reality, the reputation of Ultius.com has been far from perfect in the academic writing community.
How much does Ultius cost?
Ultius is far from being the most affordable writing service in the business. A high school paper with a 10-day deadline will cost you $18 per page, which is exactly twice as high as our recommended writing services charge their customers.
Is Ultius reliable?
Ultius.com does an adequate job with easier, shorter assignments. However, if your assignment is long or complex, or has a short deadline, the results may be very different from what you expect.
Is Ultius a scam?
If you view scam as a practice of essay writing services charging their customers money and then never delivering the paper, then no, Ultius is not a scam. Still, its quality of service and customer support are lacking.
Is Ultius safe?
Yes, Ultius.com uses a variety of security tools for maintaining the safety of its customer data. There is 256-bit SSL encryption, two-step authentication, and dial-in PINs you can use for contacting the site administrators.
Is Ultius plagiarism-free?
Ultius promises that all of the papers that leave the service are free of plagiarism. Instead of proprietary plagiarism-detecting software, Ultius uses popular services like Copyscape, although Turnitin is not mentioned anywhere.
Are there Ultius discounts?
Yes, there is a one-time Ultius discount for first-time customers. You can get from 15% to 20% off your first order. There aren’t, however, any regular discounts for existing customers.


When we first found out about Ultius and took the first look around the website, we were impressed by the variety of services and the clean design of the site. However, when we investigated the order quality and the public opinion about the service, we became less and less convinced. Right now, we don’t view Ultius as a viable alternative to some of the better regarded academic writing services we have previously reviewed on our website.

Paul Barnes, Chief Editor

My name is Paul Barnes and I am the Founder and Chief Editor of ReviewingWriting. I have spent the past decade researching the ins and outs of the world of professional essay writing. I know exactly what to look for in a good writing service and what are the most common features of bad writing services should be avoided at all costs.