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Shmoop can be a helpful study tool, but you won’t get anything more than that from the service.
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  • A college education is considered to be essential for a successful career in the future, but the truth is that it’s not at all easy to excel at college. Students are constantly looking for ways to make the study process easier, and in 2009, Shmoop offered their own solution to the problem.
  • Shmoop, or Schmoop, as it is often referred to, is a comprehensive study tool designed for college students. Shmoop was founded by a couple of former students who are well aware of the struggles college students face every day. That is why the founders decided to merge study with humor to make the study process more enjoyable for their customers.
  • Right now, there are no Shmoop university plans, but college students can choose from a variety of services, including study courses ranging from Elementary to High School, and test prep for the SAT, ACT, and AP. The service also offers numerous free resources like literature guides, videos, flash cards, and college prep that are very popular with students.
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Besides the few free study tools, most of the services offered by Shmoop are available only on a paid basis. However, you don’t need to pay for each service individually, since Shoomp offers convenient membership plans that will grant you access to any resources designed by the company. Shmoop is available not only for college students, but also for teachers and even school districts. As a student, you can choose a 1-month $24.68 membership or commit to Shmoop for a year for $150.
With your Shmoop membership, you get access to the following features:
  • Test prep 01

    Struggling with tests at college? Use the resources and practice exams at Shmoop to effortlessly prepare even for the most complex and demanding tests.
  • Video guides 02

    One of the standout features of Shmoop that is included in the standard membership is the access to thousands of educational and entertaining videos.
  • Career guides 03

    Since college is not your final destination, but a stop on the way to a brilliant career, Shmoop wants to prepare you for the possible challenges of work life.
  • College credits 04

    With Shmoop, you can get access to over 50 courses with transferable credits. It means that you can study at your own pace and still get valuable credits.
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Smoop positions itself in the market as a comprehensive study tool, but we were surprised to see that the company does not offer any writing or homework services. That is why we can only judge the quality of work execution by the quality of study materials located on the website. At first glance, the materials looked rather diverse and well-written. The writers took into account the college curriculum and followed the most important academic standards in their work.

However, the longer we investigated the quality of work execution by Shmoop, the less convinced in their approach to studying we became. Shmoop is known for a humorous attitude to learning, with jokes being included in the study materials and comedy bits being featured in the study videos. Still, we believe that this approach does not work for everyone. Some students need a particularly serious environment to advance in their studies, but that’s not what you’ll find at Shmoop.

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You would think that a service as established and well-regarded as Shmoop would have plenty of guarantees for its customers. After all, there are plenty of study tools you can choose right now, which is why it is important for you to feel secure in your decision. However, you won’t find many guarantees offered by Shmoop. In fact, if you read the Terms and Services section, you will find that they do not guarantee that all information published on the site is correct, which means it’s best to double-check everything you find there.
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While you can technically use Shmoop for free, you can pretty much find similar study materials on many other essays writing websites. That is why most Shmoop schools and individual learners have to purchase a membership to access the most essential tools and resources. We have covered the membership prices for individual students earlier, and schools can get a discount on the services.

You can pay for your membership using your Visa or Mastercard payment information. We have found the selection of payment options offered by Shmoop rather limited, but if you are not too concerned about the safety of your financial data without PayPal payments, you will probably be satisfied with this selection. No matter which membership plan you go for, you can opt for a 24-hour trial. In our opinion, 24 hours are not enough to decide whether you are ready to commit for a long time, but there are no other trial options at Shmoop.

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While preparing for our review of Shmoop and its services, we checked hundreds of reviews on third party websites and testimonials published on the Shmoop website. Those testimonials are obviously 100% positive, as you would expect from reviews published by the company itself. However, with third-party reviews, the situation is rather different. Among many positive testimonials praising the service, there are occasional dissatisfied opinions.

We found that the opinion about Shmoop and its features largely depends on the expectations the customer had prior to signing up to the service. Some customers were clearly looking for a full-service academic solution that would not only provide them with study guides, but also complete their assignments for them. These customers are definitely going to be disappointed, since Shmoop does not actually do your homework. However, as a study guide, knowledge database, and collection of educational videos, Shmoop enjoys a certain level of popularity among college students and teachers.

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The lighthearted approach to teaching, filled with jokes, can make the study process easier for students.
No personal approach
All you can use at Shmoop are pre-published guides; there is no individual who will do your homework assignment.
Study tools
The collection of study guides and tools offered by Shmoop can be rather helpful.
Without a paid membership, which is rather expensive, you can only access generic materials that can be found elsewhere.
The design of the site is rather modern, but it can be difficult to navigate all the different section if you are a newcomer.
The lighthearted approach to teaching, filled with jokes, can make the study process easier for students.
Study tools
The collection of study guides and tools offered by Shmoop can be rather helpful.
No personal approach
All you can use at Shmoop are pre-published guides; there is no individual who will do your homework assignment.
Without a paid membership, which is rather expensive, you can only access generic materials that can be found elsewhere.
The design of the site is rather modern, but it can be difficult to navigate all the different section if you are a newcomer.


What is Shmoop? is a homework help and study guide tool for students of all academic levels. It does not do any writing or editing of its own, so you can only use it for guidance.
Is Shmoop legit?
As a study guide and study help resource, Shmoop is definitely legit. It has an unusual way of presenting the information that can be helpful to the students. However, its unfortunately not a writing service.
How much does Shmoop cost? does not charge its customers for each individual resource they use. Instead, if you want to use the Premium services offered by Shmoop, you need to pay from almost $25 per month to $150 for a year.
Is Shmoop reliable?
On Shmoop, you don’t really get any help from humans. You can use all the information published on the site, but that’s about it. So is reliable, but only to a certain extent.
Is Shmoop a scam?
No, Shmoop is not a scam. The information on the site is presented in an original manner and clearly a lot of work has gone into creating it. However, we definitely wish Shmoop also introduced writing services.
Is Shmoop safe?
Yes, as a visitor, you can use without sharing any of your personal information. And even if you’re a paying customer, you don’t need to provide more of your private data than you need to.
Is Shmoop plagiarism-free?
Since there is no one who will write your paper on Shmoop, we cannot really talk about the originality of the service. Obviously, you cannot use any of the materials published on as your own.
Are there Shmoop discounts?
No, there is some information on Shmoop you can use for free, but that’s about it. For everything else, you will need a Premium account and there are no discounts whatsoever.


The bottom line for evaluating Shmoop is what you want to get from the website. If you are looking for a source of helpful study guides and test prep tools, you can be rather happy with what Shmoop has to offer. However, if you are searching for a comprehensive study solution that will not only allow you to read articles, but also complete your homework and write your essays, you will not find what you are looking for at Shmoop.

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