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Scribendi offers a very limited variety of services and is not very useful for most students.
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  • Scribendi is rather well known in the academic world, which is why we were eager to give this service an honest review and tell you whether it’s worth using. The first thing that unpleasantly surprised us was the fact that Scribendi does not offer any writing services and can only edit and proofread your essay.
  • Scribendi offers its services to numerous categories of customers, including not only students, but also academics, job seekers, corporate professionals, and people who use English as a second language. However, the variety of services remains the same no matter which category you belong to, which, to us, is a downside.
  • Even before we sat down to do our review, we knew that the reputation of Scribendi com is rather uneven. That is why we decided to look at every aspect of the service, its features, and prices, to give you the definitive answer to the question: is Scribendi a viable solution for your education needs or should you look for assistance elsewhere?
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To find out the price of your order at Scribendi, you need to first choose the type of service you want to get from the company. Then, after uploading the document that needs editing or entering the word count of your text, you will instantly see a price estimate. The price of the document editing service depends on the deadline, as well as the fact that English is your first or second language. For example, editing a 1-page ESL paper with a 1-week deadline will cost you almost $14.
Right now, you can order the following services from Scribendi:
  • Essay proofreading 01

    If you have written your essay on your own and now want to make sure your writing is spotless, one of the Scribendi editors will polish your work for you.
  • Essay editing 02

    In case you have only created the first draft of your paper and want to know if the structure and storytelling of your essay are good enough, order editing services from Scribendi.
  • Admission essay editing 03

    Want to maximize your chances of getting into your dream school with a beautifully written essay? Have it edited by one of the Scribendi editors.
  • Admission essay proofreading 04

    If you have just finished your admission essay and think you’ve done a brilliant job with the writing, order proofreading services to make sure your paper is flawless.
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To test the quality of work execution by Scribendi, we placed a test order with a 2-page essay. We wanted the Scribendi editors to proofread the paper. The order placement experience was rather smooth: we quickly found out the price of our order, and soon after we paid for the service, we got a notification that an editor started working on the paper. Our order was delivered shortly before the deadline, so there were no problems at this stage.

However, when we reviewed our order, we were less than happy with the results. The writing largely remained unchanged, even though we purposefully made it contain many problematic fragments. And even when the editor did change the text, the changes were either incorrect or unnecessary. We decided to ask for a revision, and, after some hesitation, the writer accepted the order back. This time, he did a much better job, but it took him two days to deliver.

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Scribendi does not offer any standard guarantees you’d expect. Instead, the service promises that the paper they edit for you will comply with Scribendi’s own standard, which we consider to be a rather vague promise, since this standard isn’t explained anywhere. Another promise we found to be particularly interesting is the statement by Scribendi claiming that the service values academic integrity and will never rewrite papers for students due to plagiarism concerns. However, there are no plagiarism checks at Scribendi.
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Scribendi is an editing service that caters to customers from all over the world, which is why their variety of payment options is larger than you normally see in other writing services. In addition to the regular payment methods like Visa and Mastercard, Scribendi also accepts Discover, American Express, JCB, Diners, and UnionPay payments.

You can even pay with AliPay if you are located in China. The payments at Scribendi are processed with Stripe by default. We also liked the fact that Scribendi accepts PayPal payments, even though this method is not listed in their preferred payment options. If you want to make the cost of your order lower, you can look for a Scribendi discount code. The company often publishes discount codes on their social media profiles and email newsletters, so make sure to look out for those if you want to save some money on your purchase.

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As always, the best way for us to ensure the fairness of our Scribendi review is to see what the customers think of the service. Sometimes, even with all the disadvantages, we find in a particular writing service, it still turns out that customers have a highly favorable opinion of the company. First, we checked the testimonials on the Scribendi website. Unsurprisingly, most of the testimonials were positive and praised the service and its features.

Then we took a detailed look at the Scribendi reviews on third party website. Usually, these reviews give a complete picture of the service, and this time was no exception. We found that only about half of the reviewers were happy with the help they got from Scribendi, while the other half experienced various problems with their orders. The most common problems included the quality of editing and the writer’s attitude towards a revision. Users were also unhappy about the prices, which is not surprising: for $14 a page, you can get your essay written from scratch, not just edited.

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Scribendi has been in the editing market for over 20 years.
For the level of services Scribendi provides, the prices are way higher than average.
Quality of services
In most cases, Scribendi will do an adequate job with editing your paper.
Variety of services
Scribendi only offers editing and proofreading help, which is not enough for your study needs.
The writers are often unwilling to perform revisions even if they didn’t do a good job the first time.
Scribendi has been in the editing market for over 20 years.
Quality of services
In most cases, Scribendi will do an adequate job with editing your paper.
For the level of services Scribendi provides, the prices are way higher than average.
Variety of services
Scribendi only offers editing and proofreading help, which is not enough for your study needs.
The writers are often unwilling to perform revisions even if they didn’t do a good job the first time.


What is Scribendi? is an editing and proofreading service. It is targeted mostly at academics of different levels, but it’s also suitable for other categories of customers such as business owners.
Is Scribendi legit?
If we are talking about Scribendi as an editing service, then yes, it’s perfectly legit. You can send them a paper and get it professionally edited right on time. However, Scribendi is not a writing service and never will be.
How much does Scribendi cost?
The prices at Scribendi depend on several factors, including your deadline and your level of English. On average, editing one page at Scribendi will cost you $15 to $20, but you can get your paper written for half the price at popular writing services.
Is Scribendi reliable? has not been noticed to deliver the customers’ orders very late or not deliver them at all, so it’s somewhat reliable if you’re only looking for editing services, not writing assistance.
Is Scribendi a scam?
No, is not a scam. The service has been around for more than two decades and has consistently been one of the top editing services. We would love it if it also offered writing services.
Is Scribendi safe?
If you’re concerned that someone may take your paper and present it as his own, then Scribendi has a strict policy preventing it from happening. However, Scribendi does not offer any other security features.
Is Scribendi plagiarism-free?
Scribendi does not do any writing on its own, so the question of plagiarism is not really relevant here. You should also know that Scribendi does not check papers for plagiarism and does not rewriter other people’s papers.
Are there Scribendi discounts?
No, there are no regular discounts available at Scribendi, but you can follow the company on social media to catch any temporary promotions it may have.


Even though Scribendi can be an adequate editing service, we are still not convinced that it is a good choice for your academic writing needs. Since you will have to do most of the writing yourself and will have to pay a considerable amount of money to have your essay proofread and edited by the Scribendi editors, we suggest you order an essay from scratch from one of our top services and save time and money on your assignment.

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