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Scribbr does an adequate job with editing your paper, but its services are obviously very limited.
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  • With the abundance of online options, students are spoilt by choice today, whether it comes to expert writing assistance and guidance, or to grammar and plagiarism checking. That’s why they expect a variety of services and features from such websites. To live up to the students’ expectations and become their go-to online writing help source, one has to offer everything they need in one place, plus discounts, rewards and probably some other perks – but most importantly, to keep the prices affordable. Scribbr fails at all of the above. Notwithstanding its solid online reputation in the industry, and regardless of the Scribbr rating being excellent according to many customers, it can’t be considered one of the top academic sources for students. Read on to find out what Scribbr lacks to become one.
  • Scribbr may be a buzzword because it offers a quality plagiarism checker. Any top-rated anti-plagiarism tools review includes a paragraph or two of a Scribbr review as one of the most accurate tools for plagiarism detection. Much to the students’ disappointment though, it is not the service most of them are looking for, as the prices on the website are through-the-roof high. While Scribbr claims to have highly qualified essay and dissertation experts, they can only proofread and edit your paper, not help you with writing it. So it is not a service for anybody who has a limited budget or is struggling with putting together an essay or other piece of academic writing. In other words, it’s not a student-friendly website, even though Scribbr is extensively marketed towards students. 
  • Other than that, Scribbr creates an impression of a well-organized, trustworthy and professional service. This goes beyond just the visual aspect of quality web design and streamlined information layout. The website doesn’t showcase testimonials from some anonymous people, or push you into signing up before you can even see something you were searching for. So you aren’t likely to worry about, ‘is Scribbr fake or scammy?’ at any point of using the website. Over a thousand enthusiastic Scribbr reviews on Trustpilot that are mentioned on the home page should be self-explanatory statistics, as compared to dubious praising statements found on similar websites. To eliminate questions like ‘is Scribbr reliable?’, there are also examples of results you will receive when your edit is completed, and a sample of a Scribbr plagiarism check report. You can view the photos and gifs of the Scribbr team on the About Us page, as well as the photos and profiles of the editors in the Our Editors section. A large company is certainly more likely to be trustworthy and reliable than a website run by a group of students. 
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The prices are calculated depending on the length of your paper and the requested deadline, but they are based on the rate per word, not the number of pages like at many other writing services. The rates start at $0,016 per word for basic proofreading service and 1 week deadline. However, you can select any number of specific pages in a document you want to proofread, including or excluding footnotes, references, etc., which means you can only pay for a part of your paper being edited and proofread, not the entire paper.  This has even been made into an awkward slogan you can see on the Scribbr website, assuring that you ‘never pay for more than necessary’. This is just ridiculous, considering the setup fee of $22.50 being added to the cost of your order, plus the transaction fees you have to pay when making payments. Like it would make sense to pay all those extra fees if you were concerned about only a few pages of your research paper or thesis (you’d probably happily go for a cheaper service). Moreover, it sounds like transaction fees on top of the prices that are rip-offs are necessary for students. As if it wasn’t disappointing enough they have no other option but to pay full price whenever they need additional plagiarism checks for the same paper ($18.95 for any text up to 7,500 words, and ranging from $28.85 to $39.95 for larger papers). Are students ready to invest this much into proofreading and editing services when they can have their paper written from scratch for the same price or even less? Most of them certainly aren’t, and it would be hard to make a guess what percentage may be. All the more so, considering the entire package of services that go into the price students see when clicking the ‘buy essay’ button elsewhere. These often include unlimited revisions, proofreading, proper referencing, a plagiarism report, discounts on the first and/or next order, and a money-back guarantee.  Scribbr gives you a feeling that you have to pay more with every step you take during the decision-making and order process, while those transaction fees may seem like the last straw, ranging from 2% to 4% of the total amount. 
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Scribbr reviews are mixed – some customers are delighted, others claim they had higher expectations, or received work of varying quality when placing different orders. However, the service promises to ‘always meet the deadline’ and doesn’t fail to do so, even if it takes several experts to work on a larger paper.An impressive feature is the variety of languages Scribbr editors can work with, as the service hires native speakers worldwide. English is definitely the most common, but proofreading and editing services are available in Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Finnish. Scribbr plagiarism checker also works with 20 different languages and is well-known for its quality.

Being one of the top rated anti-plagiarism tools for academic purposes, Scribbr plagiarism checker uses the same advanced software and extensive database as Turnitin (which includes books, academic papers and publications). That’s why Scribbr plagiarism report results are likely to be more accurate than what you get elsewhere, and different from those of many other anti-plagiarism services that only use the Internet as their database. This may be of utmost importance when writing research papers and dissertations.

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Whereas your major disappointment may be expecting the service that expensive to be comprehensive, it isn’t the only daunting thing you can run into on the Scribbr website. While you would expect plenty of guarantees for the customers, there aren’t any except for the vague and sticky Scribbr ‘happiness guarantee’. It has a definition of ‘negotiating’ a solution, such as a free revision or a refund, whenever you aren’t satisfied with the results. You won’t see a 100% error-free editing guarantee either. So, between this and the editing process being sliced up into separate portions, you might have a hard time trying to prove anything if your lower grade gets attributed by the service to the part of editing you haven’t paid for.
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Variety of payment options is not just a convenience appreciated by many, but an essential feature of any quality service. Scribbr supports both credit cards and some payment methods that are less common for writing services (PayPal, WeChat Pay, AliPay, iDEAL). So it looks like its customers should be happy with the choice – provided they are content with the price, or at least the value they are getting for their money. They aren’t? Why is that?

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With all the respect to quality, language variety, and the service’s commitment to meeting the deadlines, which can’t be cheap, the prices could be more affordable, at least in the form of special offers or loyalty rewards. Besides relying on its sound reputation and quality standards, Scribbr could benefit from making an impression of a team that cares about students rather than just about profits. As of now, there is nothing to make a student feel welcomed, relaxed, encouraged and appreciated at Scribbr. Sure, why bother, when the writing service is reputable already, but that doesn’t resound well with their pledge of making students happy.

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Exclusively native-speaking proofreaders
The price does not match the quality of the service
Zero plagiarism
Highly accurate plagiarism checker
The lack of solid guarantees
Safety of your content
Exclusively native-speaking proofreaders
Zero plagiarism
Highly accurate plagiarism checker
Safety of your content
The price does not match the quality of the service
The lack of solid guarantees


What is Scribbr?
Scribbr is a well-established online company operating since 2012, with a strong reputation worldwide and over 400 experts qualified in proofreading and editing in different languages. Unlike many other companies in the academic help services industry, Scribbr doesn’t offer paper writing.
Is Scribbr legit?
Anyone wondering ‘is Scribbr legal’ should know that proofreading services such as Scribbr are 100% legal and widely used by students, bloggers, academic and freelance writers.
How much does Scribbr cost?
Scribbr services are based on a per word rate, but the total cost of your order largely depends on the deadline (24 hours, 72 hours, 1 week), and your method of payment (transaction fees 2%-4%). There is also a hefty processing fee of $22.50 included in the cost of your order.
Is Scribbr scam?
Nobody can scam people for years and still have lots of positive reviews, while building a large team and generating a huge following. So these facts speak for themselves - Scribbr is not a scam.
Is Scribbr safe?
Scribbr is safe and confidential - in addition to providing safe payment methods and protecting your personal data, it also guarantees safety of your content uploaded to their website. You don’t even have to take their word for it, but can manually delete the uploaded documents in your account afterwards.
Is Scribbr plagiarism-free?
Scribbr offers a plagiarism detection service and proofreading services, but does not write any papers for students. So it is only up to you whether you are going to use Scribbr or a less expensive site as a plagiarism checker. 
Are there Scribbr discounts?
Unfortunately, there’s no such information on the website, even though some discount coupon services claim they have promo codes you can use at Scribbr. Apparently, you are entitled to a small discount with an ISIC student card (5% off the dissertation editing services) according to the information on the ISIC website.


With all the respect to quality, language variety, and the service’s commitment to meeting the deadlines, which can’t be cheap, the prices could be more affordable, at least in the form of special offers or loyalty rewards. Besides relying on its sound reputation and quality standards, Scribbr could benefit from making an impression of a team that cares about students rather than just about profits. As of now, there is nothing to make a student feel welcomed, relaxed, encouraged and appreciated at Scribbr. Sure, why bother, when the service is reputable already, but that doesn’t resound well with their pledge of making students happy.

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