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We were completely unimpressed with the quality of service, features, and prices at PaperCP.
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  • The academic writing market is growing very fast, and along with reliable and safe writing services, there are many essay writing companies that simply prey on vulnerable students. That is why it’s so important to do your research before ordering a paper online, and that is exactly what we did when we decided to review PaperCP.
  • Unfortunately, finding at least any relevant information about CP Paper turned out to be a nearly impossible challenge. The company’s website does not contain any guides and articles that could explain their goals, list their services, and offer some insight into the PaperCP’s life.
  • After further researching the service, we found out that PaperCP offers a variety of writing services for students of all levels, including essays, book reviews, dissertations, case studies, and annotated bibliographies. The homepage of displays a carousel of writers’ profiles, complete with their stats, but most of those profiles look fake.
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Unlike most other writing services, who will happily give you an estimate of your order cost and even offer you some discounts, PaperCP is pretty secretive about it. You can’t find out even the approximate price of your paper unless you sign up for the website and place an order. The reason for that is that Paper CP works on a bidding basis, which means that the details of your order will be displayed to all writers, who will then bid on it and you will be able to choose the most suitable bid.
The additional features offered by CP Paper include:
  • Premium quality 01

    If you are willing to pay 10% more for your order, you can get your order displayed to only the top 50% of the writers, who have a Bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Platinum quality 02

    For 20% more to your order price, you can have the order details shown only to the top 20% of the PaperCP writers, who are considered to be Experts and have a Master's degree or higher.
  • Rewriting 03

    If you have a completed academic paper or another piece of writing that you need to make completely unique, you can do so with the rewriting services at Paper CP.
  • Best writer 04

    In case you don’t have the time to monitor the bids or are not sure you can make the best choice of the writer, you can pay an extra $9.99 and have PaperCP choose the writer for you.
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To test the quality of work at CP Paper, we ordered a sample essay. It was a fairly standard assignment: a 2-page high school essay on History with a 7-day deadline. Imagine our surprise when two hours have gone by since we placed the order and there were zero bids on this arguably easy task. We waited for two more hours, and by the end of this time, there were three bids overall. For the sake of the experiment, we chose the mid-priced bid.

In our opinion, 7 days are more than enough to do a 2-page high school essay, but the writer clearly had a different idea. They delivered the paper almost three hours late, and we weren’t even compensated for the lateness. Upon reviewing the order, we found several major and lots of minor problems, both with the facts and the writing. Our request for a revision was granted, but we didn’t see any serious improvements in the second draft.

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Unlike many other academic writing services, PaperCP does not advertise popular guarantees like free revisions and refunds. Their other guarantees include:
  • Knowledgeable and experienced essay writers with academic degrees.
  • Plagiarism-free papers on every subject imaginable.
  • Fast turnaround time even for urgent and large orders.
  • Properly edited references and following the formatting guidelines.
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The payment option offered by PaperCP are fairly standard: you can pay for your order using a Mastercard or Visa, as well as use your American Express or Discover account. We were rather disappointed not to see PayPal as an available payment option, since it is widely considered to be one of the safest ways to pay for goods and services online.

We also expected PaperCP to offer at least some discounts, since writing services that work on a bidding system often turn out to be even more expensive than services employing a regular pricing model. No matter how hard we looked, we did not see any opportunities to lower the price of the order, even as new customers. It all made us think that the main goal of CP Paper is to make as much money as possible, not to help struggling students, and that is why we have a hard time believing this service has your best interests at heart.

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As always, we used two ways to judge the online reputation of the writing service — in this case, PaperCP. First, we checked out the testimonials on their own website. No matter how many times we refreshed the page, only two testimonials were visible, and while both of them are praising the service, it is, at least, slightly suspicious. Normally academic writing services go out of their way to display positive testimonials on their website.

Things didn’t get better when we went to third party websites to check independent reviews of PaperCP. Many customers had the same problems as we did — namely, they couldn’t get any bids on their orders for a long time. The lucky customers who eventually received their orders named even more problems with the service, including low quality of writing, lots of factual mistakes, and the service’s reluctance to revise the order for free or to refund the full amount if the order failed to live up to the writing standards. Overall, the ratio of positive to negative reviews is about 70/30.

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The bidding system, at least in theory, gives you more chances to manage your order.
With the bidding system, the prices are generally higher.
There is a live chat for customer support.
Your order may be delivered late.
The quality of writing is lacking finesse.
The PaperCP website is not informative at all.
The bidding system, at least in theory, gives you more chances to manage your order.
There is a live chat for customer support.
With the bidding system, the prices are generally higher.
Your order may be delivered late.
The quality of writing is lacking finesse.
The PaperCP website is not informative at all.


What is PaperCP? is an essay writing service. The information on the website is scarce, so you can’t learn nearly anything from it, but we found that PaperCP mostly does essays and other written assignments, but not writing or editing.
Is PaperCP legit?
Judging by the website, we would say that it’s one of the least legit academic services out there. There is no information about the services, advantages, or guarantees — nothing you’d expect from a legit essay writing service.
How much does PaperCP cost?
On, you have the ability to hire the writer of your choice for your order through bids. The bidding system also means that there is no pricing information or calculators and you’ll only learn the price of your order when you see the bids.
Is PaperCP reliable?
No, if you care about the quality of your paper or need it to be done by the exact date and time, you cannot count on to do a good job with your order. The service is known for its relaxed attitude to deadlines and quality.
Is PaperCP a scam?
Not only is the PaperCP website nearly empty, but it also contains supposed profiles of the writers working for the service that don’t look real at all. Together with the questionable reviews of the service, we’d say PaperCP is pretty close to being a scam.
Is PaperCP safe?
There is absolutely no information on the website regarding the company’s attitude to security and means of ensuring the safety of its customers. That is why we tend to think that PaperCP is not the safest writing service to order from.
Is PaperCP plagiarism-free?
PaperCP casually mentions that its papers are unique, but doesn’t go into detail or mention how it checks the originality of the papers. We also saw several testimonials from former PaperCP customers who detected plagiarism in their papers.
Are there PaperCP discounts?
Not at all! As you’ve probably gotten by now, the website does not contain any information about the discounts or any special offers for the customers, which is to be expected because of the bidding system used by the service.


Ultimately, the important question we need to answer here is this one: is PaperCP a scam? And while we wouldn’t go as far as calling PaperCP a scam, since most customers do eventually get their orders, the service is clearly missing the work ethic that most other writing services have. Given that it’s impossible to find any info about the service on their website and that most customers are not happy with their orders, we do not recommend PaperCP.

Paul Barnes, Chief Editor

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