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Nerdify is a service that supplies learners with a variety of academic assignment assistance. The company is a trustworthy helper with sophisticated and simple tasks on any subject or issue. The platform provides many guarantees for clients to make their orders and payments secure.
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  • We started to prepare our Nerdify review by checking out the options on The website’s interface is an indicator of how rapidly learners can leave their request for assistance with the service. Such an option is easily accessible on the homepage. The only thing needed to place an order is to enter a mobile phone. Then, a customer support manager will contact you to clarify the nuances of your request. The context menu is quite different from one of the similar services. It contains three blocks with info: “for students”, “for nerds”, and “how it works”.
  • There is a detailed guide on how to apply for experts’ help and benefit from that. You can find out the Go Nerdify reviews on the site and profiles of the employees to learn more about the company’s professionalism. The website comprises info on the staff composition and their competence. Go Nerdify has been in business for about eight years and still has a solid reputation in the niche. The average client satisfaction rate is 4.7 according to Ernst and Young research. There is a FAQ section with profound details about various aspects of the company’s performance.
  • A convenient option is the website is designed both for American and Canadian users in two different versions which, however, include mostly the same information. Each specialist must sign the honor code to become a member of the staff. Such details may be crucial for learners questioning the reliability of the service. In addition, you can become familiar with Go Nerdify privacy, refund, and cookie policy. Terms of use are accessible to all clients. GoNerdify provides payment details on the site too.
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Price policy has a reasonable logic and is consistent enough by the nature of order pricing. Assistance cost depends on the time the expert spends on your particular assignment. If you have a question and need someone to explain it to you, the average price for one hour of a specialist’s work will be about $25. Nerdify prices are not the most popular topic on There are few details on the price policy and it took time for us to figure out how the service prices the assistance of its experts. There are a few order process guides on the site. The most common figure is $25 per hour. However, if your task is not sophisticated enough and the discipline is common, not narrow, the price for one hour of expert assistance will be about $18. The price varies depending on the peculiarities of your assignment. The more complex it is, the higher the price will be. For example, if you need an expert in C++ programming language, you should be prepared to pay some more. In addition, the criteria for pricing are the experience of a student or graduate who supplies you with help, their qualifications, customer satisfaction rate, and the popularity of the discipline they are competent at. While paying for the order, you need to consider that the company charges an 11% fee that is included in the total order cost. It is up to how to answer the most ongoing questions our readers raise, “is Nerdify expensive?” Our GoNerdify review contains profound insights into the aspect of price policy. Together with “how much does Nerdify cost?” there are concerns about the payment details and systems the service accepts. GoNerdify sends clients a bill in the online chat where a customer support team discusses the intricacies of the request directly with a customer. You should verify your identity via a link. You should indicate your name, email, and zip code. The payment details include the card number, expiration date, and a CVC code. The company provides such a rapid verification and payment process and saves customers time. Transactions are McAfee, PayPal, and Visa secure. We found no Nerdify coupon for a discount or another special offer. The company does not provide information on the discount policy for customers. You can clarify this nuance with customer support if you are eager to save on your order.
Nerdify offers some additional services, including:
  • Top writer 01

    If your assignment seems quite complex and you are short of understanding or time to learn it, experts are willing to assist. While preparing the Nerdify review, we faced profiles of top specialists whose rates are higher and who can supply you with top-notch assistance. Order cost then is larger because of the exceptional expert’s competence.
  • Customer support 02

    Customer support is a completely free option that is available via Facebook online chat, email, and phone communication. It is a beneficial option for leaving a request and receiving relevant information on the order performance, payment details, or any other details. You can apply to customer service in a few clicks by entering your mobile phone number or sending an email.
  • Communication with an expert 03

    When the service assigns a task to the competent specialist, the expert contacts the client immediately. Customers provide further instructions on their assignments and formulate their expectations precisely. In such a way, you can request GoNerdify writing and other services without extra registration or websites.
  • Books 04

    One of the unique Nerdify services is that you can buy books by providing their title or the topic for your research. Many GoNerdify reviews highlight how useful this option is, since you should no longer look for trustworthy online libraries or shops, you can acquire a book for a reasonable price in a few clicks. The fee you should pay is 11%.
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While working on the Nerdify review, we found out the most relevant aspects of the company’s performance and its approach to providing top-rated assistance for learners. It has been engaged in the niche since 2015 and gathered thousands of GoNerdify reviews on its quality of work. The service has served tens of thousands of learners who apply for expert help with the trickiest questions.

Most Go Nerdify reviews state that the company has reasonable pricing since the experts are often students with no qualifications; however, their skills are enough to handle even the most sophisticated assignments. Nerds are graduates from top American and world’s prominent universities such as Harvard, Cambridge, and others.

While working on the GoNerdify review, we learned that you could apply for assistance to students with high academic performance who are competent in your subject in a few clicks. The company has no age or academic degree limitation for our job candidates. The applicant should meet the job description and prove their expertise. The service recruits mostly university learners and graduates.

You can look through the specialists’ profiles if you still wonder, “is Nerdify good to entrust them with the challenging task?” There are experts’ profiles on the site, where you can find out their competence, expertise, customer satisfaction rate, and qualifications.

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The company has been in business for more than eight years and supplied learners with a range of assurances that help to answer the most ongoing concern, “is Nerdify reliable?”
While a customer, you should be aware of the following guarantees:
  • Confidentiality. The service makes all your transactions secure and protects your data with proven programs. Nerdify reviews Reddit does not include information on the data drain in the service or other similar situations.
  • Customer support. You can request customer support via a free Facebook bot or a phone number. The options are at no cost to the clients. You need to enter your phone number and the service will contact you. If your question is simple and does not relate to your specific order, you can leave your question in the online Facebook bot and get a rapid response.
  • Money back. If you notice some mistakes in the expert’s job or do not understand the material enough, you can inquire about further explanations from another competent specialist or request your money back.
  • Uniqueness. GoNerdify plagiarism checks are crucial while performing each order. Answers are as authentic as possible. The specialists use relevant content only.
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You can apply for expert assistance in a few clicks and pay with Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card, American Express, Discover, PayPal, GooglePay, and Apple Pay.

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The average GoNerdify rating on the proven review platforms is comparatively high. Sitejabber and Trustpilot rate the service 4.5 and 4.7 respectively. The company has solid expertise in the niche and can handle assignments of various complexity levels.

The service has a vast bulk of Nerdify reviews (Nerdify Reddit feedback as well) from real clients and proves its legal work with a trustworthy website. Such info should be useful for learners still wondering, “is Nerdify safe?”

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Huge personnel
You can hire the expert you need within the shortest period.
Little info about the prices
You can learn the expert’s rate only after getting a free quote.
Free customer support
There are three options to apply to customer service at no cost.
Phone number required
You should enter your phone number to leave a request.
Wide competence
There are experts in hundreds of subjects.
Money-back assurance
If something goes wrong, you can request a refund.
Huge personnel
You can hire the expert you need within the shortest period.
Free customer support
There are three options to apply to customer service at no cost.
Wide competence
There are experts in hundreds of subjects.
Money-back assurance
If something goes wrong, you can request a refund.
Little info about the prices
You can learn the expert’s rate only after getting a free quote.
Phone number required
You should enter your phone number to leave a request.


What is Nerdify? is a service engaged in assisting learners from throughout the globe. The company hires students and graduates from top-notch universities and provides help with hundreds of topics and disciplines.
Is Nerdify legit?
We looked through the information on the site and hundreds of Nerdify reviews on various websites and forums. The company’s main office address is San Francisco, California. The service has eight years of legal expertise in the field. Such details may be crucial to the clients with a “is Nerdify legit?” question.
How much does Nerdify cost?
The average cost of one hour of expert assistance is about $20. The 11% fee is also included in the final price. We found no Nerdify promo code to save money on the order.
Is Nerdify a scam?
The company has been working in the niche since 2015. We found no Nerdify reviews complaining about the illegitimate activity of the service. If you ask, “Is Nerdify a scam?” such details should calm you down.
Is Nerdify safe?
The service provides assurances of a refund, originality, and confidentiality to its clients, and handles assignments responsibly. There is a lot of feedback on the service posted by the true clients who became regulars in the company.
Is Nerdify plagiarism-free?
The company’s policy covers the matter of plagiarism with the expert’s assistance. The specialists always attempt to provide the maximum amount of authentic content in their work regardless of the complexity.
Are there Nerdify discounts?
We found no coupon or promo code on the site. The company does not provide any generally accessible offers for newcomers. The service might have some special offer it can grant you for a specific order.


Our research of Nerdify was an exceptional experience with the company providing such an immense range of services for learners, from tutoring and assisting with tasks to buying books on order. Our Nerdify review covers many peculiarities of the company’s performance. offers a money-back assurance, responsibly approaches originality, and has free customer support.

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