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Homework Market is not a writing service and it can’t be recommended for students or anyone else.
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Homework Market
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  • Homework Market can hardly serve as anything more than an example of a good idea but very poor technical implementation. If we had to illustrate a list of what customers shouldn’t see on an academic website, we’d look no further than homeworkmarket.com. Actually, this isn’t a typical writing service, but just a site where one can buy or offer homework help.
  • Still, this fact can’t be an excuse for a messed-up, confusing interface. The essential features are missing, while those few that can be found are difficult to use. At first glance, this looks like the kind of layout that doesn’t give students any information they need before signing up (which is a thing you won’t run into with reputable websites).
  • However, at Homework Market this isn’t simply a ‘stay clueless about our services until you sign up’ strategy. It is the actual lack of information, explanations, and proper navigation. The user experience doesn’t get any better after registering. There are no Terms of Use, no quality or safety guarantees, and no clear instructions on how to use the website.
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When deciding on the design of the Homework Market, someone must have attributed an absolutely literal meaning to the term ‘intuitive interface’, leaving everything to the user’s intuition. There’s no list of services or types of assignments covered. Nothing is outlined, categorized, or explained in detail. There are no fixed rates or recommended prices for any types of projects or papers. The users are supposed to post questions or tutor’s instructions and set a price they can pay.
What Homework Market offers:
  • Choosing a writer 01

    When you post the requirements for an assignment or paper, the writers place bids on this ‘order’ if they are willing to work on it. Any details can be discussed via chat before you choose a writer.
  • Choosing a budget 02

    Unlike the sites where freelancers set the rates for their work, this platform lets the customer choose the price of the project to be displayed as ‘budget’ (or further negotiated via chat).
  • A variety of subjects 03

    The only part of the website that can give customers any idea of its services is the list of subjects covered. It can be found at the bottom of the homepage.
  • Writers who work in different fields 04

    As the list of subject categories is incomplete and inconvenient, the users post their questions all over the place. Most writers work in multiple fields instead of specializing in just a few.
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At first, it may seem cool that you place your order via chat and get to decide on the price of it. However, this isn’t fun at all if you consider that the only function of the Homeworkmarket platform as an intermediary between students and writers is collecting commission from payments. Homework Market does not ensure quality or timely delivery, nor offer revisions and refunds. Unfortunately, it does not even help resolve disputes between the dissatisfied customers and its ‘tutors’.

Likewise, the selection process for the candidates who want to become Homework Market writers does not involve any quality concerns. Anyone can join this community of ‘top rated tutors’ – no proof of relevant education or experience is required. Many Homework Market writers are not native speakers, which is obvious when you take a look at their profiles. Even the website content has been written by an ESL writer, which is a huge red flag for anyone who is looking for high quality.

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Homework Market does not even mention guarantees anywhere on the website. While most academic writing services guarantee proper formatting, timely delivery, and revisions in case the customer isn’t satisfied, many students haven’t even received any completed work when they placed orders on Homeworkmarket.com. Others had issues with plagiarized, late, poorly formatted papers. Revisions and corrections can only be discussed with a Homework Market writer individually should you decide to choose one to work with.
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There is no information on payment options accepted at Homework Market (not even in the form of icons at the bottom of a page), which is ridiculous for a website where payment is involved. The options such as credit card and PayPal are only displayed when the user proceeds to make an order, and, subsequently, provide a payment.

What’s worse, sometimes only one of these options is displayed or only one of them actually works. The FAQ section mentions PayPal and Payoneer, but only as ways of withdrawing funds that the writers can use. Another off-putting thing is the absence of information on the security of online data and transactions, or any technologies used to ensure their safety and encryption. Assuming that Homework Market doesn’t bother about any of the essential features of a reliable service, it seems reckless to pay by credit card here.

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When it comes to Homework Market reviews and ratings on independent sites, these are some of the worst and lowest ones we have ever seen. Most reviews claim that Homework Market is anything but a reliable platform, or that it is simply a waste of time and money. Even the website testimonials that usually only praise the writers aren’t all positive – many users find the quality of work, the absence of refunds and poor work of customer support appalling.

Some customers are shocked at the same writer delivering good results a few times but then producing horrible and worthless work. Actually, the quality you get at similar websites may always seem a bit of a cat in a bag thing, but here’s the way any trustworthy freelance platform ensures decent results: the payment made upfront is only received by the freelancer when the deadline is met and the customer is satisfied with the completed order. Apparently, that’s not the case with Homework Market. But what can you expect from a service with no guarantees and no online customer support?

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Chat with the writer
A convenient way of discussing the details of your order.
No guarantees
The service doesn’t take any responsibility for the quality of work.
Choosing a budget
You can indicate a price that you find affordable.
No Terms and Conditions
Proceed at your own risk because there are no rules.
No safety
There are no measures to ensure the security of data and transactions.
No customer support
You can ask questions in the ‘Help’ section but you won’t get a reply.
Chat with the writer
A convenient way of discussing the details of your order.
Choosing a budget
You can indicate a price that you find affordable.
No guarantees
The service doesn’t take any responsibility for the quality of work.
No Terms and Conditions
Proceed at your own risk because there are no rules.
No safety
There are no measures to ensure the security of data and transactions.
No customer support
You can ask questions in the ‘Help’ section but you won’t get a reply.


What is HomeworkMarket?
HomeworkMarket.com started off as a homework help service where you could ask a question and a professional teacher would answer it, but now it also does essays and other written assignments.
Is HomeworkMarket legit?
HomeworkMarket looks promising because it offers more than just essay writing, but in all of our time on HomeworkMarket.com, we just couldn’t be convinced that this writing service is worthy of our trust.
How much does HomeworkMarket cost?
HomeworkMarket is a bidding service, which means the writers are free to choose their own prices and you are free to choose whichever bid appeals to you. The site advertises a minimum price of $9 per page, but you’re unlikely to get it.
Is HomeworkMarket reliable?
Your experience and satisfaction from HomeworkMarket very much depends on the tutor you are working with. There are tutors who go out of their way to help their customers, but there are also many tutors who don’t take this job as seriously.
Is HomeworkMarket a scam?
No, HomeworkMarket has been around for years and it probably wouldn’t still be active if it was a scam. However, the quality of service at HomeworkMarket is very uneven and is often too low for their prices.
Is HomeworkMarket safe?
The HomeworkMarket.com website makes absolutely no mention of the site’s security features and measures, so you don’t really know whether your data will be kept secure and your identity private.
Is HomeworkMarket plagiarism-free?
There are no plagiarism checkers on HomeworkMarket and there aren’t even mentions of anti-plagiarism policies implemented by the service. Plus, we have seen HomeworkMarket reviews claiming that the service does sometimes copy papers.
Are there HomeworkMarket discounts?
Definitely not! Working on a bidding basis means the writers choose their own prices and neither the company nor the customers have any control over them. You can try negotiating with the writer, but there is not a big probability of success.


In our Homework Market review, we can only conclude that with services like this one, you can consider yourself very lucky if you get decent quality work for your money. It is like winning a jackpot, and the odds are about the same. Certainly, nobody in their right mind would recommend you to try your luck and take unnecessary risks when you just need an essay, so choose a trustworthy writing service with solid guarantees and great reputation.

Paul Barnes, Chief Editor

My name is Paul Barnes and I am the Founder and Chief Editor of ReviewingWriting. I have spent the past decade researching the ins and outs of the world of professional essay writing. I know exactly what to look for in a good writing service and what are the most common features of bad writing services should be avoided at all costs.