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eNotes only offers study guides in Literature, which makes its application extremely limited.
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  • A quick research revealed that enotes com was launched over two decades ago by two former students who connected based on their love for Shakespeare’s works. Soon, the website grew, and in a few years, it became eNotes. eNotes considers itself to be a comprehensive study solution, but we have a hard time agreeing with that.
  • The biggest problem with e Notes is the extremely limited variety of services offered by the company. Essentially, eNotes can only be used in preparation for your Literature classes. Other than that, eNotes is pretty much useless. What’s even worse is that the service won’t actually do your Literature assignments.
  • The only way to use eNotes in your studies is to consult the literature reviews and guides. There is also a feature that allows students to ask questions that are then answered by the eNotes staff members, but it is only available to paying members. Plus, you won’t get much help out of a single question answered by the service.
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There is not much you can do with a free eNotes account as a non-paying user. You can access some of the guides and question answers, but that’s about it. If you want to put the website to a heavier use, you will need to purchase an eNotes membership. eNotes offers two pricing models: one for students, and one for teachers. As a student, you can pay $14.99 per month or $49.99 per year. There is also a 48-hour trial period you can use before subscribing if you want to know more about the service.
With an eNotes membership, you get the following features:
  • Study guides 01

    There are over 300,000 study guides available at eNotes for thousands of well-known and obscure literary works, so you will likely find the necessary one.
  • Homework answers 02

    There have been over 365,000 student homework questions answered by professionals, so there is a chance your question is already published there.
  • Annotated texts 03

    Having trouble comprehending a particularly complex literary work? With annotated texts, you can get a better understanding of a challenging piece of writing.
  • Downloadable PDFs 04

    The feature that allows you to download study materials as PDF files is nice, but we were disappointed to learn that with a 1-month membership, you are only allowed 1 download per month.
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If you don’t take into account the limited services of eNote, judging the quality of work execution by the service does not yield a universal result. It’s clear that there are many people responsible for writing materials for eNotes — in fact, the service regularly recruits new writers and, apparently, does not have a very strict selection process — so the quality of writing we’ve seen on the website is often uneven.

Some of the literary study guides we have encountered on eNotes are very well-written and formatted. We couldn’t really find any flaws with them, and it’s obvious they have been written by someone with plenty of experience in academic writing. However, we have also seen more than one eNotes study guide of questionable quality. They didn’t look professionally-made at all and made us think that it’s the work of some students.

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For a study help service that functions on a paid basis, eNotes does not offer a lot of guarantees. At the moment, you have the following guarantees:The study guides are written by in-house editors with plenty of experience. The questions are answered by knowledgeable educators.Your personal information will be protected at all costs.In some situations, you may be entitled to a partial refund.
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If you decide you can benefit from being an eNotes member, you probably already realize that you won’t get too far with a free eNotes account. Since you can only access most of the materials published on enotes.com with a paid membership, you naturally want to know which payment options you have. Luckily, eNotes offers a variety of payment options.

The most common way to pay for eNotes services is through a credit or debit card, which should be either Mastercard or Visa. Alternatively, you can pay using your PayPal account, which is the preferred payment option for millions of internet users thanks to its security. We also found it interesting that eNotes offers some old-school payment methods, including Money Order and check – you just don’t see those payment options very often these days. However, a typical user will be more than satisfied with Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal.

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To get an informed opinion about the positioning of eNotes in the market and the public opinion about the service, we studied numerous online reviews. There are no testimonials on the eNotes website, but there are plenty of enotes reviews on third party sites to give us an idea about how it is perceived by the customers. The analysis of the reviews delivered a 50/50 result with only about half of the customers being absolutely happy with the service.

The most common complaint from eNotes users were the limited possibilities even with a paid membership. After paying $14.99 per month, you can only ask one question to the experts, which is not nearly enough to help you advance in your studies. The chance to download just 4 PDF files per month is also very concerning to us and the customers, because the average study needs of a student require more than that. The quality of writing in the existing study guides and question answers has also sparked many negative reviews from the customers, with some claiming they were inaccurate.

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Study guides
With over 300,000 study guides on thousands of literary works, you can become a Literature pro.
One subject
eNotes can only help you with a single subject, which is not worthy of $14.99 per month in our opinion.
Question answers
Having a professional educator answer your study question can be very helpful when you’re struggling.
Limited functionality
Even with a paid membership, you still have limited access to the features.
Uneven quality
The quality of work execution by eNotes could benefit from an improvement.
There is only a handful of situations where you can be granted a refund.
Study guides
With over 300,000 study guides on thousands of literary works, you can become a Literature pro.
Question answers
Having a professional educator answer your study question can be very helpful when you’re struggling.
One subject
eNotes can only help you with a single subject, which is not worthy of $14.99 per month in our opinion.
Limited functionality
Even with a paid membership, you still have limited access to the features.
Uneven quality
The quality of work execution by eNotes could benefit from an improvement.
There is only a handful of situations where you can be granted a refund.


What is eNotes?
eNotes is a literature study service. It contains lesson plans, study guides, and notes on different literary works, but it doesn’t do any assignments and provides little to no personal help to the students.
Is eNotes legit?
eNotes.com is perfectly legit as a literature study tool, but its application is very limited and you cannot seriously consider it to be a helpful assistant in your academic journey.
How much does eNotes cost?
On eNotes, you can barely do anything unless you pay. The most important information on the site, as well as the option to ask a question and have it answered by a tutor, is hidden behind a paywall. You can buy a membership for $14.99 per month or $49.99 per year.
Is eNotes reliable?
The answer very much depends on what you expect from this service. It’s reliable from the study help point of view, as it contains some very helpful guides to various literary works. However, it’s not a real writing service and is therefore not reliable in this regard.
Is eNotes a scam?
eNotes.com is not a scam because you get exactly what you pay for when looking for information here. However, we do believe that eNotes is very overpriced and you can find similar guides on free resources.
Is eNotes safe?
There is no need to provide any sensitive personal information even when you’re using eNotes as a paying user and the site is protected by SSL encryption, so your private data should be safe.
Is eNotes plagiarism-free?
The issue of plagiarism on eNotes is not the most important one because you are probably not going to use any of the guides you find here in your own papers. However, it’s worth noting that all the information here is written by eNotes itself.
Are there eNotes discounts?
No, you can either have limited use of eNotes as a free user or get the most out of it with a paid membership. There are no discounts and special offers to take advantage of on eNotes.


On its own, eNotes is not a bad service if this is what you are looking for. The thousands of study guides and question answers can prove to be very helpful in preparing for Literature classes. However, given that the functionality of eNotes is limited to just one subject, considering the high membership price,  and taking into account the fact that no one here will actually do your assignments, we do not recommend eNotes for your study needs.

Paul Barnes, Chief Editor

My name is Paul Barnes and I am the Founder and Chief Editor of ReviewingWriting. I have spent the past decade researching the ins and outs of the world of professional essay writing. I know exactly what to look for in a good writing service and what are the most common features of bad writing services should be avoided at all costs.