1Checker has limited functionality and is not the best choice for any of your study needs.
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  • If you have ever looked for a spell checker online, you probably know that there are dozens of options available on the internet. We have even reviewed some of them, but we haven’t yet found a service that would satisfy us on all fronts. Plus, most of the online spell checkers charge a considerable amount of money for a subpar service.
  • That is why we were so excited to learn about 1 Checker, an online spell checking tool that was designed by the University of Cambridge. Based on complex Artificial Intelligence technology and featuring the latest findings from the Natural Language Processing field, 1Checker, or the iChecker, as it’s often referred to, could be very helpful for students.
  • The premise of 1Checker couldn’t be easier. You upload a document, allow the Chack 1 software to analyze it, and receive a result with all problematic points in the text highlighted or even corrected. But is One Checker as good as it claims to be? We have reviewed the service to tell you whether it’s worth your time.
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Perhaps, the best thing about 1Checker is that it’s absolutely free. You don’t need to pay for any services: everything you can do on One Checker, you can do completely free of charge. All you need to do to access the complete variety of 1Checker features is to create an account, which can be done using your regular email address or your Facebook account. Once that is done, you can start uploading your documents and checking them for correctness, word use, punctuation, and consistency.
With a 1Checker account, you can access the following features:
  • 1Checker Online 01

    Want to know if your document is written correctly? Simply upload the text to the online checker and get the result within minutes, depending on the size of the text!
  • 1Checker Software 02

    Don’t want to visit the website every time you want to check a text? Download a 1Checker program for Windows or Mac and spell check your texts even faster.
  • 1Checker Plugins 03

    If you mostly use Word for creating new documents and Outlook for composing outgoing emails, you may benefit from the 1Checker plugins designed for this software.
  • Document templates 04

    In case you want to achieve the perfect formatting of your documents or frequently use one or two document types, you can use the 1Checker document templates.
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Even though using 1Checker is free, it is still important to know that you can actually get high quality writing assistance from the service instead of simply wasting your time. We tried running several text documents through Check 1 and, unfortunately, the service failed to impress us with the quality of work execution. First of all, we got a couple of error messages that made us spend even more time on checking the papers.

And even when the 1Checker service ran smoothly, we did not find the quality of work particularly satisfying. The spell checker highlighted some of the fragments as incorrect even though they were written 100% correctly. At the same time, the checker did not spot some obvious mistakes in the text, which made us wonder whether it was as good as it described itself. Finally, we thought the design of the software was outdated.

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If you have used a similar service in the past, you are probably expecting 1Checker to offer plenty of guarantees to their customers, even taking into account the fact that it’s free to the users. However, there are no guarantees given by 1Checker to be found. In fact, the service even points out that the AI technology, which 1Cheker is based upon, is still in its developing stages. It means that various mistakes and occasional low quality of service is basically a given at this point and you should not expect genuine help.
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As we have mentioned in our review earlier, One Checker is an absolutely free service, which may seem like an advantage at first. However, when you think of the subpar quality of service you get from 1Checker, it becomes perfectly understandable why you don’t need to pay for this kind of assistance and it can take years for it to become better.

At the same time, One Checker does offer a paid version of the software to enterprises and classrooms. The bad news is that there is no information on how much these services may cost or how the prospective customers can pay for the service. We did notice, however, that the website is completely unprotected and does not use SSL encryption like most other writing services we have reviewed. It means that there is a big chance that any of the data you enter into the service, including your private information and documents, can be stolen.

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Back when 1Checker was first made available, which happened several years ago, it received some favorable reviews in the press. People thought that the AI-based approach to editing and proofreading English texts promised a new, revolutionary approach to perfecting human writing. However, soon it became clear that the service was not yet going to yield any convincing results and that it would take years for 1Checker to become a viable editing tool.

A detailed look at the One Checker reviews online revealed that there is a small portion of users who are rather happy with the services provided by company. They were satisfied with the quality of spelling checks and the variety of software options offered by 1Checker. And while it’s hard to argue with the fact that 1Checker provides a huge selection of download options, it is not enough to make it a one-stop-shop for the writing needs of the users. Many reviews have mentioned One Checker failing to bring their writing to the required standard and the problems with the software.

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You can use 1Checker on Windows, Mac computers or Mobile App build it into your Word processor, or operate it online.
Quality of work
1Checker is far from perfect when it comes to spotting and correcting mistakes.
Free use
Any customer can use One Checker for as long as needed completely free of charge.
False alarms
In many cases, the mistake messages you receive are false and don’t require you to correct anything.
The One Checker website is not protected, which jeopardizes the user data.
Limited functionality
With 1Checker, you can only check the spelling and wording of your texts.
You can use 1Checker on Windows, Mac computers or Mobile App build it into your Word processor, or operate it online.
Free use
Any customer can use One Checker for as long as needed completely free of charge.
Quality of work
1Checker is far from perfect when it comes to spotting and correcting mistakes.
False alarms
In many cases, the mistake messages you receive are false and don’t require you to correct anything.
The One Checker website is not protected, which jeopardizes the user data.
Limited functionality
With 1Checker, you can only check the spelling and wording of your texts.


What is 1Checker?
1Checker.com is a proofreading and editing service. There aren’t any human editors working for the service. Rather, 1Checker is a collection of editing software that searches for and corrects writing mistakes.
Is 1Checker legit?
As far as editing services go, 1Checker is not the worst but it’s certainly not the best. It’s an automatic editing service, which means it cannot do as good of a job as any service where actual humans check your papers.
How much does 1Checker cost?
Probably, one of the biggest advantages of 1Checker.com is that it’s an absolutely free service. It is free to join and to use, and there are no premium features or membership plans on 1Checker.
Is 1Checker reliable?
You can use 1Checker to spot some major mistakes in your writing, but if you are looking to improve the quality of your paper and your writing style, 1Checker is probably not the best place for you to go.
Is 1Checker a scam?
Since 1Checker.com is a completely free service, we wouldn’t call it a scam. Sure, the quality of the service could be improved, but when you are not paying anything, you are also not risking anything other than your time.
Is 1Checker safe?
You can use 1Checker.com while sharing a bare minimum of your personal data, and even if you create an account, you can stay pretty much anonymous. So yes, 1Checker is a safe service to use.
Is 1Checker plagiarism-free?
1Checker does not test the papers for plagiarism and it does now show plagiarized fragments in your writing, so if you are searching for a tool to increase the originality of your paper, 1Checker is not that tool.
Are there 1Checker discounts?
1Checker is a free editing service, which is why you shouldn’t expect any discounts or promotions from it at the moment or until the functionality of the service improves.


The idea behind 1Checker is perfectly clear and has great potential, but so far, the execution of the service has been less than great. The software of One Checker still needs a lot of work, and so does the security of the website. We did like the fact that the service allows everyone to use it for free and the selection of download options, but it’s not enough of a reason for us to recommend 1Checker for your academic writing needs.

Paul Barnes, Chief Editor

My name is Paul Barnes and I am the Founder and Chief Editor of ReviewingWriting. I have spent the past decade researching the ins and outs of the world of professional essay writing. I know exactly what to look for in a good writing service and what are the most common features of bad writing services should be avoided at all costs.