Papersowl Review

Papersowl Review

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Are you looking for an essay or a cute birdie animation to entertain you? Ordering essays with papersowl might get so time-consuming that you really need entertainment on their page. No offends, their marketing was done very well. By seeing an owl with glasses and all in studies you feel like relying on those friendly guys who designed the platform. Well, let’s see below in our papersowl review whether you should or not order your essays from them. We will go through their services, features, prices and general customers’ opinion about owl paper essays.

Papersowl overview

Paper owls is not a very well-known essay provider on the market. At least they haven’t been in the industry for so long. But there is something what they are famous for and really loved by a certain audience. The owl essay bidding system allows students to get papers for a real bargain. Well, that doesn’t definitely come with quality, but if one doesn’t care…

Another famous thing about paper owls is their blog. Actually, it is full of useful tips. After reading all those you may decide that you are ready to writer your own essay on your own. Besides that, what is special about ordering an owl essay is that you pick your own writer. Well, you’ll have dozens of them bidding to your request. It will be time-consuming, but if you aren’t tight on time, the process might turn out to be interesting and fun.

Papersowl: services

The paperowl platform covers almost all kind of academic writing papers. You can get your essay done here, just as more complex things like dissertations and thesis. Besides that they do offer a quite nice portfolio of non-academic papers:

  • Statistical research.
  • Business plan.

In case you mark your owl essay request as ‘other’ in the type field, you’ll have to explain what is that what you expect to get in a very detailed way.

By the way, because it’s a bidding platform, you will choose your own writer. So you are supposed to do a lot of routine work before having your author assigned. In case you don’t write a good explanation of what your paper has to be about, most probably your revision request will be rejected. With bidding systems like paper owls you really invest a lot of effort and time into getting your essay done.

Papersowl: their staff

As soon as you enter paper owl website, the first thing you encounter is the portfolio of their writers. Paper owls have around 600 writers in their team, and guess what? You can check out all their profiles! This is a great point to highlight in this papersowl review. However, there are doubts in whether what they mention in their profiles is valid or not. Some ex-customers mentioned that their writer stated in his profile being native English. Whilst by even chatting online it was obvious he’s not.

The other thing to mention in this papersowl review is that you will spot many authors bidding at your request. But that doesn’t guarantee them having any expertise in your field. Sometimes it may seem like a software is doing the bids, or just those guys are not reading your carefully completed description.

Again, reading all those writers profiles at paper owls might be fun, but only if you aren’t in a hurry. It’s obvious that the platform is not suitable for urgent assignments.

Now let’s switch to other team members. For example, paper owl customer support. Their team is known for answering within minutes any time of the day or night. The customer support team definitely gets an A+ !

Papersowl: prices

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage we are going to mention in this papersowl review is that they don’t have a fixed pricing. You can actually spend a while on filling in all the details, making a request and then not getting a bid within your budget. This is a bit unpredictable for those who are tight on money.

As every bidding system, paper owl let’s their writers to set the price. Generally, more experienced ones will make the highest bids. Whilst the newbies will offer attractive prices and questionable quality. Another important thing to mention in a papersowl review is that the bidding system doesn’t allow you having discounts. You can, of course, negotiate with your writer, especially after placing a few orders to the same person. However, there is no certain discount you can count on with an owl essay. This eliminates their possibility to have loyal customers, since when you order a lot and often you expect some special attitude.

Papersowl: quality

Well, the quality with paper owls depends on you. Since the company gave you the possibility to choose your own writer, they are no longer responsible for it not being a perfect match. It can be worth the time spent on researching all the profiles. At the end, you might find a perfect writer you imitates your writing style in an exquisite way. But most probably, you’ll undergo some failures before having that desired match.

Most of the papersowl review we checked were complaining about below average quality in case of choosing an average bid. This shows the tough reality. When using a bidding platform always choose the highest bid. It doesn’t make much sense using paper owl as a low-cost essay writing service.


The only obvious advantage we mentioned in this papersowl review is their customer support. It is important to have it on a high class, but the quality of writers is more crucial. Which is unfortunately missing.


There are many disadvantages we spotted at paper owls:

  • No fixed pricelist.
  • Low quality of content in case of an average bid.
  • Very time-consuming ordering process.
  • Not reliable information in writers’ profiles.

With this being said, you are advised to use a platform like paper owls in case you have the budget. For low-cost essay we recommend choosing a standard essay ordering platform with a fixed pricelist. Besides saving money, you will also save time on avoiding to choose your own writer.

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Guarantees
  • Support


Our experience with PapersOwl was far from perfect. The quality of the received paper was average.