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The prices at Papersowl don’t match the quality of writing, which is why we cannot recommend it.

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At first glance, Papers Owl does not look very different from other writing services we have reviewed recently. The website does not contain too much information about the service and its origin, and it doesn’t even tell when the company was launched. However, a deeper look at the website revealed one key difference from the competitors — the bidding system.

In our experience, the bidding system has always been a drawback rather than an advantage. It is often not explained clearly enough and the customer ends up paying way more than he should for a mediocre paper. That is why we were particularly curious to see what Owl Paper had in store for us

When we went to explore the Paper Owls site further, we saw an advertisement inviting new writers to join the team. According to the ad, all you have to do to become one of the writers is sign up for the service. However, this is clearly not enough to ensure a high quality of writing, so we instantly had doubts about the whole thing.

Pricing and

As we have mentioned before, Paper Owl functions in a bidding system. Whenever you have a task you want one of the Papersowl writers to do, you place your order in the system and wait for the writers to bid on it with their price offers. Then you choose the most suitable writer based on the offered price and rating. After that, the writer will begin working on your order. You deposit the money in the beginning, but only when you accept the paper, you will release the payment to the writer.

With Paper Owl, you can access the following features:

Premium writers

If you want a higher chance of getting a nicely written paper, you can make your request visible to only 50% of the best writers with a minimum of Bachelor’s degree for +10% to the order price.

Platinum writers

Have an important assignment coming up and need even an higher quality of writing? For +20% to the order price, you will release your request only to 20% of top rated writers with a Master’s degree.

Writer choice

In case you don’t have the time to review each individual bid or you think you don’t have the experience required to make the best choice, you can allow Papersowl to choose the writer for $9.99.

Plagiarism checker

Want to know if the paper you have written or received is fully original? Test your writing with Papersowl’s free online plagiarism checker to see if it’s unique enough!

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Quality of work execution

We were very eager to see the bidding system in person and to find out whether it’s efficient enough, but things didn’t go right for us from the start. To test the versatility of the Paperowl writers, we placed two orders, one for an essay on a rather common topic and one for a research paper on a more exotic subject. We received 8 bids for the first assignment, but after not seeing any bids for the second order for 3 hours, we had to cancel it.

When placing the first order, we chose a 5-day deadline for a 3-page essay. Unfortunately, the writer was several hours late with the order, but that’s not even the worst thing about our experience. When we reviewed the paper, it turned out to contain lots of grammar and spelling mistakes, and the formatting was inconsistent and messy. We asked for a revision, and the writer delivered a better paper in 24 hours, although it was still far from perfect.



Like most essay writing services, Papersowl offers a list of guarantees to make the customer feel more confident when ordering a paper:

  • Your order must be always completed before the deadline.
  • Your paper will be 100% original with no plagiarized fragments.
  • Your essay will be grammatically correct and properly formatted.
  • If you don’t like the final draft of the paper, you can request a free revision.

Payment options

When it comes to payment options, Paper Owl offers a fairly standard variety. You can pay for your order with a Visa or Mastercard, or use American Express or Discovery to pay for your paper. We were surprised to see PayPal excluded from the list — for many customers, it’s the preferred payment method due to the use of advanced security mechanisms

Papersowl makes a pretty big deal out of the fact that the writer will not get your money until you accept the paper and close the order. However, while it sounds like a fantastic deal, it turns out that this system has its flaws. First of all, the writer can deliberately return your paper after the deadline to make you late. Second, any conflicting situation should be resolved by customer support, and there is no guarantee they will decide in your favor. Third, the service does not mention the money back guarantee anywhere.


When looking at the reputation of a writing service, we always look for the testimonials on their website first. Papersowl has plenty of reviews on their website, with many praising the ability to follow the instructions and deliver the order before the deadline. The testimonials even contain some details regarding the orders, but we still have a hard time believing that all of those reviews are genuine or that negative reviews are not deleted by the team.

A closer look at third party reviews of the service revealed that not all Paper Owl customers are happy with the work they received from the company. There have been many complaints from the clients, but the most common ones mentioned the unacceptable quality of writing. Some customers also reported that the orders are often overpriced for the quality of the service, and some even claimed that even though they only ordered once, Papersowl continued charging them monthly a considerable amount of money and did not want to discuss the possibility of a refund, which is not a good look.


We have gathered for you the
Pros and Cons



With the bidding system, you have more control over who does your order and how much it costs.


Paper Owl offers a decent variety of services for a typical student.

Bidding system

The bidding system rarely works in favor of the customer, so you may end up overpaying for your paper

Quality of writing

According to the reviews and our own experience, the quality of work at Papersowl leaves a lot to be desired.


There is no rigorous selection system for the writers, which definitely influences the quality.


The chance of you getting your money back for a badly completed order is nearly nonexistent.


In theory, the bidding system should work to the customer’s advantage, allowing him to select the best bid in terms of price and quality of writing. In reality, the Paper Owl bidding system regularly receives many complaints from the customers. There is even a possibility that you will not get even a single bidder if your order is complex enough, which is why we don’t think Paperowl is a good choice of a writing service for your study needs.

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