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Paper Rater is not a real academic essay writing service, therefore we cannot recommend it.

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Web-based online plagiarism checking and proofreading service called Paperrater promotes itself as a universal student’s assistant able to help in improving writing skills and saving time spent on paper editing. According to the official information the Paperrater provides, it is irreplaceable for teachers, as it aids in reviewing student’s papers. And, taking into account the possible workload both teachers and students may have during the whole academic year, Paperrater seems to be an essential help. However, Paperrater reviews that can be found online are far from being positive. The question of is Paperrater reliable is rising again and again. Our Paperrater review aims to finally dot the “I’s” and cross the “T’s”. So, let’s dive into this issue deeper to reveal all the truth.

Paperrater Design


Paperrater interface is quite simple and somewhat obsolete. Being a purely academic service does not imply the need of being highly technological or contain an array of tricked-out design features. Used for definite feature set, Prerrater should carry out its work well, that is it. However, an attractive interface can make any user stay on the web page longer, and intuitive navigation helps not to waste time looking for the needed information. These are nuts and bolts of the web design that, unfortunately, are foreign to the Paperrater admins. 

The homepage is performed in white and blue colors with the print screens of the examples of how its services work. The main menu is quite limited and consists of several options: Home, Features, Pricing, Help/FAQs, Log in. Nothing extra, but nothing special as well.

Proofreading and Plagiarism Checking Quality

Paperrater is an automated scanner, which means that the texts are checked by a specially designed algorithm called Grendel. Paperrater admins picture Grendel as a monster created on the basis of Beowulf poem’s character. According to Paperrater legend, this is Grendel who empowers the proofreading tools and makes them work impeccably. 

While performing its plagiarism checking job, Paperrater uses both Google and Bing searching engines. Taking into account the fact that these are the most popular engines in the world, the checking results of Paperrater should have been extremely accurate. Sounds promising, but when it comes to practice, things aren’t so marvelous. After checking some authentic Paperrater reviews, it becomes clear that the given platform cannot boast even of an average accuracy rate. Very often, it misses a huge piece of plagiarized content which may seem a big problem for the students, especially when their professor uses more qualitative checker.

As to the proofreading, Paperrater is also not the best option. Of course, there is no computer service that will check and correct your paper perfectly, as there are always uncommon grammar mistakes that cannot be recognized, or a sense which can be transmitted with the help of some unusual word construction which can be considered by Grendel as an error. However, due to the information provided in FAQ section of the Paperrater website, the cases when the service’s suggestions provided for one of the user’s error appear worse than the original error itself, are quite common. Due to such situations, questions like is Paperrater fake are not rare.  

Paperrater Services

Paperrater platform features an array of handy tools, such as proofreader and grammar check, vocabulary builder, and plagiarism checker. 

As for paper analysis, the algorithm is quite simple – the user should copy and paste the text into the specially designed field or upload the document with the text, indicate the educational level of the author which grades from 1st grade to post-graduate, specify the type of the paper (essay, personal narrative, letter, article, book report, etc.), and press Get a Report button. The results will be generated in a couple of minutes and contain spelling, grammar, word choice, style, and grade suggestions. Unfortunately, a user cannot export this report in pdf for example. However, they can obtain the printable version of it.

PaperRater Review

Paper Rater Review

When it comes to plagiarism checker, the procedure is the same as for paper checker. However, there will be no need to indicate the type of paper and your qualifications. The results are obtained in less than one minute, so the service really works in real-time, as it is promised by the Paperrater admins.

PaperRater Reviews


Available Payment Methods

Paper Rater Reviews

All the basic services in Paperrater are free to use. However, in order to get way more extensive reports on your paper, you will have to purchase a Premium package. 

The range of payment methods to complete transactions is quite limited. The premium features can be bought using credit and debit cards only. The good news is that Paperrater accepts all major credit and debit cards. 

How much does it cost?

Paper Rater

Paperrater prices are quite average – the service can be considered neither too expensive nor cheap. The Premium package costs 14.95 USD monthly or 95.40 USD annually.  In addition to the basic features, Premium subscription enables a user to take advantage of faster processing of the paper, uploading the files of different formats, and checking from 15 to 20 pages of the paper at a time. While the free version lets you check only up to 5 pages. Besides, paid subscription implies enhanced plagiarism checker, which is integrated into a proofreader, as well as the possibility to get rid of the ads that seem to be very annoying on Paperrater.

PaperRater Review 2021

Delivery Time 

Paperrater is a real-time automated service. That is why the results are generated in a blink of an eye. In case it is used by many customers at a time, you can be queued, but situations like this aren’t common at all. 

Does Paperrater offer a refund?

According to the information provided on Paperrater’s website, all the payments are non-refundable and cannot be credited back.

Customer Support

PaperRater Reviews 2021

Unlike many other similar services, Paperrater customer support is not 24/7. It provides help only Monday-Friday from 9 am to 5:30 pm and is totally closed on weekends. Also, it has very limited options for contacting. Actually, it is only one – by e-mail. Although Paperrater users state the responses to their letters are given without delays, such an approach to customer support significantly reduces the Paperrater rating on the market. 

Pros and Cons


  1. Paperrater is powered by the two most popular search engines: Google and Bing. Despite such an impressive combo, the accuracy of Paperrater could have been better. 
  2. The questions is Paperrater legal and whether it can be trusted are quite common, especially among students and teachers. This platform operates in accordance with the US legislation. So, in case with Paperrater, scam is not an inappropriate word to describe the company. 
  3. Paperrater renders its services for free. There is a premium subscription if you need to extend the range of its services. However, even the basic package is quite enough in most cases. 


  1. Interface. Paperrater has a very poor design. No wonder the question is Paperrater legit is being risen again and again.
  2. Accuracy. Its percentage is too small in comparison with the other services of this type. It can affect the students’ grades, as well as their writing skills a lot.
  3. Limits. The basic version of the website allows you to check only 5 pages of your paper per check. If it is longer, you will have to split your paper and check each part of it separately. Such a procedure will definitely take a lot of time. Premium subscription ensures an opportunity to check up to 20 pages at a time. These rates are lower than the other similar proofreading and plagiarism checking services feature.
  4. No mobile app. Paperrater can be accessed only via the browser, as it doesn’t have any mobile version. 
  5. Language. Paperrater is limited only to English. Currently, Paperrater admins see no need to add any other language. 
  6. Customer support. It is not 24/7 and it isn’t available on weekends. Also, you can reach it only via email, so in order to get your problem solved, you will have to wait.
  7. Payment. Paperrater accepts only credit and debit cards without featuring any other payment options. Besides, once the payment is made, it cannot be refunded.


What is Paperrater?
Paperrater is an automated web-based online plagiarism checking and proofreading service intended to be used by students for improving their writing skills, as well as by teachers to aid them in students’ paper reviewing.
Is Paperrater legit?
Paperrater is completely legit and it operates in accordance with US legislation.
How much does Paperrater cost?
This platform is free to use. However, in case you need a more extended service package, you can purchase a Premium subscription which costs 14.95 USD per month and 95.40 USD per year.
Is Paperrater a scam?
Paperrater is definitely not a scam, but the quality of the services it provides could have been higher.
Is Paperrater safe?
Paperrater states to be using all the necessary mechanisms to protect the payment details of the users from leakage to the frauds’ hands. At the moment, there are no reported cases about Paperrater’s unsafety.
Are there Paperrater discounts?
If you decide to buy a Premium subscription, it is better to purchase an annual package, as it is more beneficial.


If even after you have read the given review the question of is Paperrater legal still vexes you, you can be 100% sure it operates legally. However, the quality of services it renders leaves much to be desired. It is not a scam, but there are many more qualified online resources that can boast of better accuracy in proofreading and plagiarism checking.

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