Paper Rater Review

Paper Rater Review

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Writing academic assignments is hard, but what’s even harder is making sure they are written spotlessly. Over time, most students learn how to research and write papers on various subjects. However, editing and proofreading remain the most difficult aspect of writing.

It’s no secret that bad grammar can hurt your grades, not to mention the times when your paper is flagged for plagiarism. Luckily, all of this can be prevented with the right proofreading tool.

This is where comes in handy. PaperRater promises to do the proofreading and plagiarism checking for you while you dedicate time to other assignments or enjoy the student life. Still, with mixed Paper Rater reviews and plenty of viable competitors, we decided to make our own review to answer just one question once and for all: is PaperRater safe?

About the brand

Unlike many other proofreading services available online, Paper Rater com is not targeted exclusively at students. The PaperRater plagiarism checker and other tools are also used by professors and instructors who require a helping hand in the challenging task of grading the works of their students.

In an attempt to stand out from the competition, Paper Rater implemented Artificial Intelligence in their work. A collection of sophisticated technology is responsible for finding flaws in the writing and helping students get better at this task.

In fact, PaperRater is so confident in their superiority that they currently claim to be the most advanced automated proofreading tool on the internet. And while some PaperRater reviews agree with the service, some testimonials that we found online suggest otherwise, and we became even more motivated to do our own Paper Rater review.


The interface of www PaperRater com is fairly user-friendly and clear. There are no flashy graphics and it’s very easy to get straight to the point — namely, test your paper for grammar mistakes and plagiarism. The banner on top of the page will take you directly to the online paper rater.

paperrater reviews

When you finally reach the editor, you can copy and paste the contents of your paper or upload the file from your computer. To make the results of the proofreading even more precise, paper asks you to specify your level and type of paper you are testing. You can also choose to have your paper checked for plagiarism or skip this option if you don’t have much time. Once you fill in every detail, you can begin the Paper Rater grammar check.

paper rater reviews

The grammar check takes only a couple of seconds, although if you opted for a Paper Rater plagiarism test, you may have to wait for several minutes. The results of the check will be displayed in a chart that specifies the category of grammar and how many mistakes you made in each category.

paper rater review

If you click on each category, you will see a brief explanation of the mistake, as well as some tips on how to improve your writing and how your score compares to the average score of other students. Keep in mind that many of the PaperRater features are only available to premium users.

Services offered

There are two main services offered by Paper Rater:

  • Grammar and spelling checker, which works in real time and detects even the smallest mistakes. The service will then suggest some options for editing the problematic fragments. PaperRater claims to use advanced, cloud-based software for testing the writing of their customers.
  • Plagiarism checker, which displays the originality score for each piece of writing. This step can be skipped in your testing process, but without it you risk getting a lower grade due to accidental cases of plagiarism. The free plagiarism check doesn’t show you the plagiarized fragments — it only shows the overall originality score.

Other services offered by PaperRater include automatic feedback for your writing, and vocabulary builder, which allows you to word your papers better.


If you don’t write a lot or feel confident in your writing skills, you can get away with using the free version of Paper Rater. It allows you to check up to 50 texts per month, up to 5 pages each. However, the free version only gives you access to 10 plagiarism checks a month and doesn’t offer you any additional features.

The premium monthly version of Paper Rater includes up to 200 checks, 20 pages each. This version gives you 25 plagiarism checks a month, is ad-free, and includes several other important features. You can buy a premium membership for $14.95 per month.


PaperRater doesn’t give you any explicit guarantees. In their FAQ section, they explain that even while their software is very advanced, it cannot detect 100% of mistakes. Plus, the service also cannot guarantee that it will remain free forever: once you go over your monthly limit of submissions, you will need to stop using Paper Rater or pay for a membership.

Paper quality

Since Paper Rater doesn’t actually write papers for you, we can only evaluate the quality of its testing. We can’t say that their editing and proofreading software is very precise: it cannot find and alert you of certain mistakes. Moreover, without identifying the unoriginal fragments, the free plagiarism check is pretty much useless.


We couldn’t find any indicators of fraud at PaperRater. If you pay the money for the membership, you will likely get what you’re paying for. The service has a physical address, which adds to its reputation, but there is no phone number and you can only contact them via email.

So is PaperRater legit? We are inclined to say that it’s a legit service, although we would love to see a phone number or a live chat for addressing the concerns of the users.

Online reputation

When preparing our PaperRater com review, we thoroughly researched the reviews and testimonials from other Paper Rater users. Generally, the reviews are mixed. Some users praise the quality of services of Paper Rater, while others complain about the inaccuracy of the proofreading and the limited functionality of the free version.



  • Free access to some services.
  • Convenient interface.
  • Wide range of editing and proofreading tools.


  • Varying quality of editing and proofreading.
  • Limited access to plagiarism checks in free mode.
  • No customer support over phone or live chat.
Paper Rater
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Guarantees
  • Support


Paper Rater provides adequate but limited proofreading and editing services. If you frequently check your papers online, there are better alternatives out there.