GrabMyEssay Review

GrabMyEssay Review

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When you want to order a paper from ghostwriters, what is the first thing you do? That’s right, you search for customer testimonials. Since you are not naïve, you won’t believe the grabmyessay reviews found on their website. Who would ever leave there any negative feedback. So the global net is yours. However, here together with us you can encounter a disappointment. Grabmyessay owns a popular review site to fake customer testimonials. Read more about reliability of the company in our grabmyessay review below.

GrabMyEssay Overview

Grabmyessay is a popular custom writing platform for students with medium ranged budget. The company doesn’t position itself as the cheapest on the market. Instead they promise reasonable prices for what you get. They sort their paper writing services in many categories. They depend on very detailed academic leveling. Besides that, there are many options to choose premium or TOP writers to enhance quality.

There are still many grabmyessay reviews from ex customers complaining about quality. And it’s despite being so careful with offering many kinds of levels. Some had a non-native writer, some received papers full of errors. Besides that, sometimes it goes so bad that the sentences don’t make sense at all. Does it all happen because students choose the lowest priced writer type? Perhaps, no. After all, even lowest prices aren’t about lack of quality and lots of plagiarism.

To overcome the quality barrier, you’ll find not a single grabmyessay coupon along the website. A 15 % discount for the first order and many more. We will mention these in the price section of our grabmyessay review.

GrabMyEssay: features

As we mentioned in this grabmyessay review before, it’s a classical academic writing platform with freelance writers. The main services offered are quite popular on the market:

  • Academic papers of all levels from high school to term papers.
  • Dissertation writing.
  • Admission papers.
  • Business writing which includes CVs and resumes.
  • Rewriting, proofreading and editing services in case you have the paper done already.
  • Help with homework and multiple choice questions.

On the website you can also find the samples tab. It’s worth having a look before placing an order. As we already mentioned in this grabmyessay review there are many customer complaints around. The most common problem is that the text is plagiarized, contains grammar error and very little logic behind statements.

The deadline is something that determines your price. The minimum deadline the company accepts is 3 hours, which is great for rush writing addicts. Whilst the maximum is 14 days. There is a price calculator on the website to help you see the difference caused by changing deadline. We will talk about prices and payments later on in this grabmyessay review.

Unfortunately, the website interface is definitely not the reason you will choose grabmyessay. It’s overwhelmed with words and small typing. There is no customer willing to read that much and constantly zoom the screen. You can’t find out much from the start page thought. There are many people asking ‘is grabmyessay legit’ mainly because there is little to no information about their writers. We can only assume that the company works with freelancers.


We already spoke about figures in this grabmyessay review. As mentioned, the company doesn’t position itself as a very low-cost solution to your writing struggles. To define your price according to academic level needed they have a very interesting classification:

  • High school
  • Freshman (1st year college students)
  • Sophomore (2nd year)
  • Junior (3rd year)
  • Senior (4th year)
  • Master’s
  • Doctoral

That detailed is the definition. It either means that grabmyessay is very careful about the level of your final result, or they simply look for a reason to gradually raise prices. Costs for high school writing start at 14.99 $ per page with 14 days deadline, and increase up to 54.99 $ per page if you need it in 3 hours.

As promised we will also speak about discounts in this grabmyessay review. You actually start your collaboration with the platform from a 15% off with GME15OFF code. Then as a loyal customer you’ll get lifetime discounts:

  • After 15 pages ordered it’s 5% Off for whatever you order on grabmyessay
  • After 50 pages – 10%
  • After 100 pages – 15%

This loyalty program is much more customer friendly than most of other platforms offer. But is it worth it, if the quality is far from what you look for?


We have to touch the quality issue in this grabmyessay review. The problem is that most users leaving their testimonials on reliable review platforms complain about:

  • Plagiarism – although the platform is supposed to write from scratch.
  • Errors – despite the fact that they promise native speakers as writers.
  • Delays – there is not a single grabmyessay review with concerns related to late delivery.

The quality issue logically leads us to the guarantee section. So, follow our grabmyessay review to find out about your money-back rights.


There are a few scenarios where the refund possibilities are discussed on their website. In case your situation doesn’t fit to any of those, the Quality Assurance Team will review it individually.

In case you decide to cancel your order right in the beginning before a writer was assigned, you’ll get back 100% of the money. However, in case you wasted some time and there was a writer matched to your order it won’t be more than 70%. Even if there is nothing written yet, grabmyessay can refund only 70% of your order. Once 50% of the deadline passed, you will not get more than a half of your money. The pity is that even though you’ll pay 50% of the total paper cost, you will not be eligible to use any of the materials already shared with you.

Now if your paper arrived late and you can’t bring it to school anymore, grabmyessay won’t pay you much back. The compensation amount will be calculated based on the original deadline and time difference of delivery.

What if the paper came on time but the quality was that bad that no revision would help? This is where your case will be reviewed by the Quality Assurance Team. If you already sent your paper for revision, and then requested a refund you can’t get more than 70% back.

So, we have a fake review website to support grabmyessay, a very unfriendly refund policy and many negative customer feedbacks. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to go ahead with grabmyessay. Perhaps, a TOP writer would help to sort out the quality issue.


  • Price
  • Quality
  • Guarantees
  • Support


GrabMyEssay did not manage to fulfill our quality anticipations. The service requires a massive product update to fix usability and communication issues.