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Although the service seems promising at first, GPALabs failed to impress us with the writing quality.

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The results of our research

GPALabs is an academic writing service that boasts over 10 years of experience in the writing industry. One of the first things you will notice about them is how modern their website looks, which we originally interpreted as definitely a good sign — when a company cares about its customers, it makes sure the website is pleasant to use.

The website contains plenty of information about the company and its services. For example, you can quickly find out that GPALabs provides all kinds of writing services, including essays, research papers, presentations, speeches, and dissertations. There are also some impressive stats, indicating that there are over 40,000 satisfied GPALabs customers.

There is a little piece of data stating that there are over 500 active writers currently available for your orders, but there is absolutely no information on who those writers are. The lack of any information about the writers made us think that the number of active writers might be exaggerated or not true at all.

Pricing and

GPA Labs employs a standard pricing model, which means you can instantly calculate the exact price of your order before placing it into the system. The price of the paper depends on factors like your academic level, deadline, and page count. The lowest price we could find was $10 per page for a high school essay with a 14-day deadline, which is slightly more expensive than the price many other writing services offer, although it is still considerably lower than today’s market average.

There are some additional paid features you can get at GPALabs:

Smart paper

If you want more information on how your order was created and the writer’s working process, you can opt for the Smart Paper feature for +20% to your order price.

Writer samples

Want to know if the writer’s style, vocabulary, and skills are a good match for your writing needs? For $5, you can request up to 3 samples of the writer’s past works to test their proficiency.

Copy of sources

In case you want your references to be as complete as possible — for example, if you want to do some additional reading — you can request a copy of all sources used for your paper for $14.95.

Progressive delivery

If your order has more than 5 days before the deadline and is worth more than $200, you can opt for progressive delivery. You will get your paper chapter by chapter and will pay for it in installments.

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Quality of work execution

To give you a fair review of the paper quality at GPALabs, we placed a test order that was, in our opinion fairly easy for an experienced writer — it was a 3-page college essay with a 7-day deadline on a popular subject. We had no problems whatsoever with the ordering process, and while the system tried to convince us to purchase additional features, we were satisfied to see the order total come up instantly instead of having to wait for it like we did with some other services.

When we received the finished paper, which happened just before the deadline, at first we were impressed with the overall look and formatting. The writer did a nice reference list, so we had high expectations for the rest of the paper. Imagine our surprise when we read the first page and quickly suspected that the paper was not written by a native English speaker. The language, the sentence structure, and the use of terms was nowhere near the requested college level.



GPA Lab does not have a dedicated section of the website describing the guarantees, but you can find some of them in the FAQ section:

  • Confidential service: your order and financial data is kept secure and never shared with third parties.
  • Plagiarism-free guarantee: your paper will be written completely from scratch.
  • Free revisions. Don’t like the content of your paper? Ask the writer for a revision that will be done for free.
  • Money-back guarantee. In certain cases, you can get a partial or full refund, although the conditions for the refund are rather complicated.

Payment options

GPA Labs offers a fairly standard selection of ways to pay for your order. You can do it with a Mastercard or Visa, or use your American Express or Discover account. We would love to see the company include PayPal on its list of payment options, since it is widely considered to be the safest online payment out there, but currently, it is not available.

We have mentioned the money-back guarantee earlier, and here is everything you need to know about it. There are only a few instances where you can get a full refund of the amount you paid for the order, including paying for the same order twice or there was no writer available. In every other case, all you can hope for is a partial refund. For example, if you placed an order with an 11-14-day deadline and it was delivered late, you will only get a 7% refund, even if you failed the assignment due to not receiving the paper on time.


There are plenty of GPALabs essay services reviews on the company’s official website, which are mostly positive and constantly praise the service. The testimonials include the date, customer’s ID, and the type of the paper that was completed by GPALabs. It is all done to make the reviews look more genuine and personal, but we are not fully convinced that this is the case. You could easily fake these testimonials, which is why we take them with a grain of salt.

Searching for GPALabs reviews on third-party websites reveals a different picture. Only about ⅓ of the customers we have met online are happy with the services done for them by GPA Labs. There are several common complaints that can be spotted in numerous reviews. The most common one is the quality of writing. People reported getting low grades because of the inappropriate writing in the orders, or simply shared our belief that the papers at GPALabs may be done by someone with subpar English skills. Some customers also complained about the late delivery and refund problems.


We have gathered for you the
Pros and Cons



Modern and attractive website design


Reasonable prices


Attempts to sell you additional features


Quality of writing is not great


Problems with getting a refund


What is GPALabs? is a paper writing service. It mostly does essays for high school and college students, but it can also do other types of assignments for other academic levels. However, it does not do editing and proofreading.
Is GPALabs legit?
Compared to the most trusted writing services out there, GPALabs is just about average. It’s not the worst and there are some satisfied GPALabs customers, but it can also be very uneven in quality.
How much does GPALabs cost? is rather affordable when it comes to prices. It charges its customers from $10 per page for a high school essay with a maximum deadline to $72 per page for a PhD essay that is due in 4 hours.
Is GPALabs reliable?
You can usually expect an adequate quality of writing and following the deadlines from GPALabs with small and easy orders, but if you have anything complex or urgent that needs to be written, GPALabs is probably not your best option.
Is GPALabs a scam?
No, there isn’t any incriminating evidence of a GPALabs scam. The service does actually deliver the papers to its customers, so you are unlikely to pay and get nothing in return.
Is GPALabs safe? promises to keep your data secure and never pass it to third parties, but we would love to see a more detailed explanation of how the service maintains the safety of its customer data.
Is GPALabs plagiarism-free?
When ordering from GPALabs, you are promised absolute originality of your paper. However, GPALabs only checks using their own plagiarism checker instead of Turnitin, which is probably the go-to plagiarism tool at US schools.
Are there GPALabs discounts?
There aren’t any GPALabs discounts per se, but from time to time, new customers can have 1 page of their order written for free. However, there are no discounts for existing customers.


We had fairly high expectations when starting our GPALabs review, but the subsequent investigation revealed a number of problems with the website. We did like the design of the company’s website and the fact that their prices are lower than average. However, the issues with the writing quality and the complicated refund process are too big of a problem to ignore. That is why we cannot recommend GPA Labs for your academic writing needs.

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