EssayShark Review

EssayShark Review

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Feel sorry for boring college assignments wasting the most fruitful years of your life? Find someone reliable to do it instead of you. Time is priceless, for your that essay will cost less. Find out from our essayshark review if it is the source of reliable writers for your assignments.

EssayShark Overview

There are some rumors around the web regarding essayshark scam. Unfortunately, they are based on a real situation. Essayshark is a clone website. The interface, content, way of processing your orders and delivering is exactly the same as on Bid4Papers. Besides that, these two have another ‘brother’ website called While this may not concern you personally, there are many essayshark reviews related to this scam. The platforms are not doing anything illegal, they are just exactly the same. No one copied a website and promoted it as their own. All three are owned by a single company. Therefore, we may make a conclusion that the staff of all three platforms is the same. Regardless which one you use you’ll get to work with the same writers.

Since we clarified this tricky moment, we can move on with our essayshark review. The platform is auction based. This means that you won’t know what the final price at the beginning of is your ‘journey’ with essayshark com will be. Although there is a positive aspect. You won’t pay the writer in advance either. The money will be put on hold on your account, of course. But people like this feature since money is the only way to control the quality of the writing.

Essayshark review: Features

Essayshark proudly announces its’ unique features. Although some might say they are not unique at all and offered by the majority of similar companies. Let’s spend a while during our essayshark review to check them out:

  • Auction system – this let’s you determine your price on your own. All writers interested in your topic are bidding with their price offered. Choosing the lowest bid though is not recommended. There is a benefit of an auction system which we’d like to mention. Very often you can find high class writers bidding with lower than supposed rates. This is done for increasing their completion rate on the platform and simply to be more competitive among others.
  • You will choose your essayshark writers based on their experience, expertise in the field, customer reviews and, of course, price.
  • Because when it comes to essays everything is urgent, the company let’s you reach out to the writer without any intermediators. In your personal online chat, you can ask for drafts, get an instant preview of your paper, send extra instructions.
  • Before confirming the order and the writer, so during the process of negotiation, you can ask for many extras. Like free samples, preview of your paper to check the style, proofs of expertise in the specific field of studies.

Essayshark review: Prices

As we mentioned in this essayshark review before, the prices are unknown. Of course, before placing your order, you can already define a budget you are going to spend. But then you’ll see dozens of bids with very different price range.

Even though it’s a bidding platform, the same logic defines the total cost:

  • Deadline
  • Complexity
  • Length
  • Level of studies

But here, unlike platforms where you pay straight ahead, the price also differs based on the writer’s opinion. Each of them is free to ask for as much as he or she thinks is appropriate.

Another important thing related to bidding platforms which we want to share in this essayshark review. The company don’t foresee any discounts or promotions. At the same time, no one prevents you from negotiating with essayshark writers on your own. You can ask to include extra pages for free or lower the price. Especially this works if you are a returning customer using the same writer.

Essayshark review: Quality

Just as when talking about prices, we warn you about the unpredictability of the quality. The best advice you’ll find in this essayshark review is choosing the highest bid. But even that doesn’t help always. The reality is that some people might be lucky to find their perfect writer straight ahead, from the first attempt. Others have to spend more efforts and money until it happens.

However, generally speaking, the overall quality offered by essayshark is higher than average. Usually the ones who suffer and writer complains and negative essayshark reviews are those who chose the lowest big. Well, you can save money on such a sensitive topic as essay writing. Either you spend time on it by doing it on your own, or you have to pay for someone doing it.


Your writer is paid after the order is completed and your press the ‘release’ button. So, there is no surprise that you have to request any changes before this happens. There is no right to ask for revision is you released the payment to your writer. And there is another remark we want to point out in this essayshark review. The company can decline your revision request if your original instructions were met by the writer. As well, in case of multiple revision requests, they can decline it. The reason will be that your behavior demonstrates exploitation of the writer.

There is not much information regarding the refund policy. Perhaps, that’s the reason it looks quite simple. This makes many people suspicious. So, in fact, any funds available on your account are refundable. Excluding the ones released to the writer. Therefore, once you release the payment no refund is possible.

At the same time, the company says you can cancel your order at any time and refund your money. However, this doesn’t seem realistic, especially if you cancel at 90% of completion. Who will pay the writer for the work done?


Essayshark doesn’t seem to be a scam, although it’s part of clone websites with the same prices and functionality. This definitely has to make you cautions, especially in case you had bad experience with essayshark ‘brother’ sites.


  • Price
  • Quality
  • Guarantees
  • Support


EssayShark provides you with a direct way of communication with your writer. However, we wouldn’t say that the quality of the final product suits its price tag. You might want to try it for yourself.