EssayPro Review

EssayPro Review

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What is EssayPro? It’s a custom writing service from the US that’s been on the market for the last 20 years or so. The thing about essay service is that this particular company is a bit different from your average writing service, and not only because of its longevity. So, what is EssayPro exactly, how does this essay service work, and, most importantly, is it legit?

According to their website, EssayPro is not a custom writing service, but rather a bidding platform for freelance writers. That means, that EssayPro company simply hosts a freelance board and does not actually control writers or their content. How does essay service work then, you ask? That’s simple: the service is an intermediary between you and an independent writer. It is your job to choose a writer, communicate with them and control their writing process. It is your writer’s job to deliver a high-quality product timely. Essay company simply holds your money safe until you get the finished paper and confirm the transaction. That way neither you nor the writer has to worry about getting scammed, as this essay service protects you both.

So, if you’re looking for a writing service that will do more than that – check out our other reviews. But if you’re okay with the way things work with this company, let’s get to the actual EssayPro review!

EssayPro: Price List

As you might have already guessed, there is no fixed EssayPro price list. The company has different minimum prices for different types of services though, so you can estimate at least the approximate cost. It seems the minimum possible essay service price for your average essay with a reasonable deadline is $12 per page. Prices for rewriting services start at $10 per page, while simple editing will cost you no less than $7/page. Although these prices might seem affordable, keep in mind that it’s just the lowest possible bid you can hope for. The end price for your particular paper will most probably be higher, especially if it’s a difficult uncommon task. For instance, there is an EssayPro review from a customer who’d paid $40/page for some creative project, and it was still one of the cheapest bids.

As for the discounts, bidding platforms like EssayPro don’t usually offer any. You can try to negotiate a personal discount with the writer though – more than one essay service review confirms it’s possible.

Quality level

It’s pretty obvious that with services like EssayPro company, the quality of finished works is inconsistent. There are many positive essay service reviews, so it seems you have a good chance of finding a professional writer for an affordable price here. And yet, not all customers are that lucky, as there are more than enough unprofessional ESL writers as well. That is why every EssayPro review I’ve seen stresses the importance of your choice of a writer. Fortunately, they make it easy for you: you can check essay service ratings of every writer that bids on your order. These EssayPro ratings usually include general info about writer’s specialization, number of finished orders, and testimonials from previous customers. Plus, you can talk to the writer directly and discuss everything before actually assigning them.

Deadline Range

EssayPro company has a truly wide deadline delivery range, from 2 months to 6 hours. Yet again, essay service reviews warn that it all depends solely on your writer. All you can do is monitor updates about their writing process, and answer their questions if needed. Moreover, almost every EssayPro review confirms that in case of missed deadlines, you’ll have to deal with the writer yourself.


So, is EssayPro legit after all? Yes, it is a legitimate bidding platform and it does its job. Almost every EssayPro review agrees that you can get a well-written paper there, and prices aren’t bad too. However, if you don’t have time for looking for a good writer, this service is not the best choice.

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EssayPro proved themselves as a decent service, but we still could not get our essay to be fine-tuned to meet the initial instructions. The given grade represents that.