EssayHave Review

EssayHave Review

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Essayhave is serving a specific part of students since 2008. Why specific? Because this is one of the rare companies which doesn’t promote itself as a low fare essay provider. In fact, they are even proud to have prices higher than competitors. Their writers need decent wages to produce high quality papers for you. Wondering if they are really worth that penny? Follow our essayhave review to find out more!

EssayHave Overview

In case it’s the first time you are ordering an essay online we highly recommend you start from watching the video on essay have page. This will clarify all the process and answer to your worries. Especially those, which are related to legitimacy of ordering a paper on the web. Remember, you are the only one responsible for further actions after receipt of your paper. But at the same time, you are also responsible for the successful academic career everyone expects from you. So, make your choice and stop questioning.

Scrolling down along their start page you can see their ratings according to fields of study. This is helpful so you understand how much expertise has in your field. Then just immediately afterwards you spot the samples. You can view them in pdf and assure yourself once again in their expertise.

Following the pragmatic details, essay have com will talk to your ‘soul’. Your problems can be solved here, their writers can compose an essay better than you do. Than why risking your grade and career?

The most interesting thing in this essayhave review is their SCORE quality standard. It’s very unusual custom writing companies sharing their standards on the web in this format. In fact, they created a guideline and all their writers have to follow it. As said by, this is the only way you are buying here not a passable better than F essay. No! You are ordering an A+ paper written from scratch.

EssayHave: Features

Besides the SCORE there are many other interesting things to mention in this essayhave review. For example, their pricing, revision and money-back guarantees. These will follow soon, but now let’s go through the most important milestones in essayhave success:

  • The company’s priority is quality, not affordability. And their quality is something completely up to the writers. That’s why the process of getting onboard is so difficult. Flawless papers are guaranteed by their expertise in your field.
  • As the company says, the proof of writing from scratch comes from high pricing. You get what you pay for. Otherwise, read below in our essayhave review their refund policy.
  • The staff will not ask you dozens of unnecessary questions. This is how speed of delivery is achieved. If the writer is an expert he or she won’t ask you much.
  • Besides writers they involve editors and proofreaders to polish your paper to perfection. Again, this is another reason why you shouldn’t expect quality at a lowest price. How much should a paper cost for three people to work on it?

Essayhave review: Prices

We made a small foreword to the pricing with this essayhave review. Although so much been said by the company itself, there is no huge difference in price. The total cost of your essay is traditionally defined by the following criteria:

  • Academic level
  • Quantity of pages
  • Deadline

There is a nice detail for extra large orders. Unlike other platforms you can place an order with a 30 days deadline if it’s a 30+ pages long paper. This will help you to reduce the price of papers like dissertation a lot.

Besides the price list, we also want to mention two other things in this part of our essayhave review. First is the price calculator available for you to play around with deadlines and cost. Second, is the possibility to get a lifetime discount. The company values returning customers so the more you spend at the more you get back. The discounts are the following:

  • Once you spend more than 500 $ you’ll get a 5% off.
  • After a 1000 $ you are entitled to 10% discount.
  • After 2000 $ enjoy your 15% lifetime discount.

EssayHave: guarantees

The last important things to know before placing an order. Now we are finally going to discuss the prevision policy in our essayhave review. If the quality is as high as promoted on their start page, you won’t need any revision. But if something went wrong, the following notes will save your paper:

  • You can ask for revision anytime before approving your order.
  • After approval, you still have 7 days to send it for revision.
  • Your instructions should remain the same, just as when placing the order.

If you approved the order and 7 days passed, you will have to pay extra for revision. Another important detail is that once you request to change your writer, the completion time will extend as well. So be sure to have room for revision afterwards.

Now let’s go through the refund policy in our essayhave review.

The great part of it is that you can request a refund at any stage of your order. There are some prewritten scenarios on essayhave page with predictions on how much you’ll get. However, this is not related to the quality-based refund requests. This kind of situations are revised case by case within a 14-day period. Talking about any other reasons you may ask for refund – they take 3-4 days to return the money.

When canceling your order there are 3 different outcomes:

  • You canceled before the writer was assigned – you’ll get the whole amount.
  • 70% of your money gets returned if there was a writer assigned and less than half of the deadline passed.
  • 50% refund is granted to those who canceled when the deadline was over half time.

In any other situations you should contact their support team. A few examples:

  • Error with payment process – you were charged twice.
  • Placing two identical orders.
  • Essayhave couldn’t find a suitable writer for your paper.

In case your paper was late, and you didn’t approve it, you are eligible for a full refund.

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Guarantees
  • Support


We weren’t pleased with the usability of the user panel of EssayHave. The writer was hard to reach, the quality was moderately average.