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The higher-than-average paper prices at EssayHave do not match the mediocre quality of writing.

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Essay Have is not the most famous writing service, but it does enjoy a share of popularity with customers. It has been around for more than a decade, and in that time, it has offered students a fairly standard variety of writing services, which includes essays, dissertations, lab reports, book reports, and presentations.

The website has a rather attractive design, but even more importantly, it contains nearly everything you would want to know about the service before ordering. There is a presentation of the services, a video presentation, a list of benefits, and a section with statistics, which shows impressive average scores from the customers.

And while the service may seem unproblematic at first, there have been numerous EssayHave plagarism claims that are impossible to ignore. That is why we decided to do a deep investigation of the service to tell you whether it’s a good option for your academic writing assignments.

Pricing and

The fact that Essay Have works on a standard pricing model instead of a bidding system is a definite advantage for us, but even though the service claims to have low prices, we actually found the prices at EssayHave to be higher than average. For example, a 1-page high school essay with a 14-day turnaround time is estimated to cost $15, which is about 50% more expensive than the lowest prices in the market. As a new customer, you can get 1 page in your order done for free with a coupon.

There are also some extra paid features offered by EssayHave:

Writer samples

Want to make sure the writer’s style, English level, and knowledge are a good fit for your assignment? For $5, you can get 3 writing samples from a selected writer.

Progressive delivery

If your order is estimated to cost more than $200 and has a deadline of more than 5 days, you can opt for progressive delivery for +10% to your order price, which you can pay in installments.

Smart paper

In case you want to know more about the process of creating your paper — for example, if you want to do some additional reading before class — you can get in-depth comments from the writer for +20%.

Copy of sources

Get a digital copy of every source used in the creation of your paper for an extra $14.95 to the price of your order.

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Quality of work execution

As always, evaluating the quality of work execution was an essential step in our preparation for this EssayHave review. Given that the prices at Essay Have are far from average, we expected the quality of the writing to follow suit. We placed a standard order for a 2-page college-level essay on an easy subject with a 10-day deadline. The order process and payment went smoothly and we were assured we would get our paper on time and in a spotless state.

By the end of the 10-day deadline, there were still no signs of the paper. In fact, it was delivered nearly three hours late, but that wasn’t the biggest problem with the paper. The biggest problem was its quality. We did not specifically request our essay to be written by an ENL writer, because we assumed it was a given. However, our paper was clearly written by someone with English as a second language, and it was clearly visible everywhere in the essay.



There is a special section at the Essay Have website dedicated to the guarantees they offer. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Plagiarism-free writing: your paper will not contain any fragments taken from other sources.
  • Confidentiality guarantee: unless you tell people you ordered from the service, no one will ever find out.
  • Revision policy: if the paper does not meet your expectations, the writer will revise it for you.
  • Money back guarantee: in some cases, you can receive a refund on your order.

Payment options

If you have ever ordered papers from essay writing services, you probably will not be surprised by the variety of payment methods offered by EssayHave. Here, you can pay with a Mastercard or Visa, or use your Discover or American Express account to pay for the order. Currently, no PayPal payments are offered, although we hope to see them included in the future.

We always pay special attention to the revision and money back policies offered by the company, as they have a direct impact on your user experience. In case of Essay Have, they are not particularly great. For example, you only have 7 days to request a free revision, and the company may extend a deadline for a revision, which may interfere with your plans. The money back guarantee promises you a full refund in only a few cases. If your order was late, you can get as little as a 7% refund even though you will likely get a bad grade.


There are numerous testimonials on the EssayHave website that are located right in the middle of the homepage. Unsurprisingly, they are about 99% positive. The reviews contain some information about the customer and the order, which was clearly done to give the testimonials more credibility. Still, we are not entirely convinced that they are written by real customers, or that the company does not edit them to showcase a better reputation among the public.

After studying the testimonials on the Essay Have website, we went to look for third-party reviews, which are usually absolutely real and speak volumes of the experience you can get at this company. And the picture painted by those reviews was largely different from the one we saw on the EssayHave website. There was more than one Essay Have review claiming that the paper was written by a non-ENL writer, which was similar to our own experience. Customers also reported late delivery, issues with free revisions and refund, and inflated prices as the most common problems with the service.


We have gathered for you the
Pros and Cons



Appealing website design


Convenient price calculator


Prices are higher than average


Quality of writing lacks finesse


Problems with getting a refund


Customer support is not always willing to cooperate


After testing the service and writing quality at Essay Have, as well as investigating other aspects of their company, we did not find it to be superior to other writing services in any way. The prices for their essay services are higher than average, but we would gladly accept them if they meant the quality of writing was also high enough. Right now, we do not think EssayHave is a good option for ordering your academic assignment.

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