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It is very unlikely that Essay Typer will help you achieve your study goals — it feels like a joke.

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We have reviewed good writing services and bad writing services on our websites, but EssayTyper managed to stand out from the rest. However, it wasn’t for a good reason. Essay Typer managed to surprise us by being an absolutely useless service that was clearly intended as a joke.

The premise of is very easy. The whole page is blank except for the search field in the middle. Whenever you want to write an essay, you can type in the topic of your essay and click on the pencil icon. You will then be taken to the text processor similar to Word, where even the controls and buttons look very familiar.

The editor will then suggest a title for your paper. All you need to do next is mimic typing by pressing random buttons on the keyboard. The system will add whole phrases and sentences to your essay, which are taken from Wikipedia and other sources. You can continue this process for as long as you like.

Pricing and

You are probably not going to be surprised by the fact that EssayTyper is a completely free service. It’s hard to imagine anyone would be willing to pay for this type of writing assistance, since you can’t really get a coherent paper by simply adding random phrases from Wikipedia to the content of the essay. So even with an Essay Typer free service, we don’t think you will seriously consider using this editor to write an essay and then submit it for grading without heavy editing.

These are the four essential features you will get with EssayTyper:

Switch themes

You can choose between three Essay Typer themes that mimic the look of Word on different operating systems: MacOS, Windows XP, and some later version of Windows.

Fake controls

Despite the fact that the look of the editor is taken entirely from Word, you cannot actually press any buttons — none of them is active and they are only used for decoration.

No editing feature

If you think you can slightly edit the essay to make it more unique, you are out of luck: there is no editing feature, and even pressing the Backspace button only adds more text to your paper.

No Save feature

In the rare case that you decide to download the paper you have just “written” with Essay Typer, you cannot actually do it — there is no Save button or an ability to copy the text.

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Quality of work execution

It is hard to judge the quality of work execution at EssayTyper like we would do with any other service simply because it is not intended to be a genuine essay writing service. However, for the sake of integrity, we tested the functionality of Essay Typer by trying five different essay prompts from Chemistry, History, Literature, Social Studies, and Physics. We typed in every request consecutively and this is what we found after our test.

For all five essays, Essay Typer simply got information from Wikipedia. The articles were not rewritten or changed in any way to make the writing more original. To be fair, the service did not promise any advanced AI technology that could make this type of writing work in theory. However, once again, we simply failed to see a real purpose for the existence of this service. Obviously, we were not able to use anything EssayTyper wrote for us.



As you have probably guessed by now, EssayTyper does not make any guarantees regarding this service. Essay Typer was founded by a single individual who clearly treats this little project as a fun app, not a viable study solution for academic essay writing.

In fact, we even liked the absence of any empty promises by EssayTyper. There is even a disclaimer on the website, urging the visitors not to use the results in their academic papers, since that will be simply considered plagiarism and will result in a bad grade.

Payment options

As a completely free service, Essay Typer does not offer any payment options since there is simply no academic writing service to pay for. There is no professional who will write your paper or a sophisticated AI technology that will rewrite the materials from Wikipedia to make them usable, so the absence of payment methods and prices is completely justified.

The only real way we could imagine you would find the EssayTyper service useful is if you have writer’s block. Writer’s block can be very difficult to overcome and without a solution, you end up losing valuable time thinking about how to begin your essay. If you often suffer from writer’s block, you can try your luck with Essay Typer. There is a small chance that when you see the first several sentences of the mock essay in the editor, you will get some ideas of your own and will be able to finally begin writing your essay.


There is no shortage of Essay Typer reviews on the internet, but you won’t find any on the service’s own website. In fact, even the button that invites you to like EssayTyper on Facebook doesn’t seem to be working. Fortunately, we found plenty of reviews of the service on other websites, and we discovered that the opinions about Essay Typer differ greatly from one user to another. Some users clearly understand that Essay Typer was created as a joke.

These people don’t expect any real results from the service. Other users, however, seem to treat EssayTyper as a genuine essay writing service. That is why it’s not surprising to see those people being very disappointed with the service’s functionality. During our investigation, we spotted more than one Essay Typer review complaining about the inability to edit the text written by EssayTyper or download the material to the computer’s hard drive. One user even complained about somehow using the mock essay word for word in their own paper and then getting punished for plagiarism.


We have gathered for you the
Pros and Cons



The service can be fun to use for entertainment purposes


You can use Essay Typer absolutely for free


Very limited website design and functionality


The essential controls and features are missing


The text is simply copied from Wikipedia


You cannot use the results in your own writing


There can be different ways to approach Essay Typer as an essay writing service, but no matter which way you go for, one thing is 100% clear: EssayTyper is not a real academic writing solution and won’t help you get a better grade or even make the task of writing an essay easier. It can be used for entertainment or to overcome writer's block, but you can also end up losing valuable time you could otherwise spend on a real writing service.

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