eNotes Review

eNotes Review

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Many modern students think that the previous generations had it easier, but the truth is that students of the 21st century have lots of tools and solutions for making their studies more effective and less stressful.

You may have heard about the e Notes service before, but if you have never actually used it, you may be still wondering: what are eNotes? The eNotes com service is a collection of study tools designed for struggling students.

The service, which is available both as a desktop and mobile version, as well as the specialized eNotes app, has Literature as its primary focus, although it also includes other subjects. Find out whether eNotes is a good solution for your studies!

About the brand

eNotes was founded in 1998 by just two people. Over two decades, the company found its permanent home in Seattle, WA and consists of several dozen employees. The company was launched on the basis of the passion for literature, which is why this subject remained a big part of eNotes.

The eNote company is rather social and open to its customers. eNotes has a presence on all social media websites and proudly showcases its current employees on the website. All of this adds to the company’s reputation.


The enotes.com website sports a modern design and there is plenty of information about their company and services. If you have a particular question about your current assignment, you can type it into the search field right in the middle of the homepage.

enotes review

If you simply want to browse and don’t have anything particular to ask eNotes, you can look around the website and check out their other services, see the recent activity, and find out more about the benefits of an eNotes account.

enotes review

Services offered

If our eNotes review is the first time you are hearing about the company, the most important thing to understand is that eNotes does not offer writing services. If you are on a search of an academic writing company to write your essays for you, eNotes is not the place to go.

However, eNotes has several other services you may find useful:

  • Study guides, which include detailed manuals on nearly every literary work in a modern school curriculum.
  • Annotated texts, which contain numerous literary works with helpful notes explaining foreign concepts or particularly complicated statements.
  • Homework help, where you can ask one of the website experts, usually teachers, about something you don’t understand about the assignment you are currently working on. Remember that eNotes does not provide writing services and won’t do the assignment for you!

Moreover, eNotes offers a variety of services for teachers, including lesson plans, literature quizzes, and even research paper topics for teachers who struggle with ideas.


Unsurprisingly, eNotes offers its services on a paid basis. Many students wonder if it is possible to get a free eNotes account, but the only way to use the website for free is during the 48 hours since you start your trial period. You will need to enter your payment details before you begin your trial.

After the trial period ends, your eNotes free account will become a paid one. There are two options: a monthly payment and a yearly payment. If you intend to use eNotes frequently over a long period of time, a yearly account is a better option, since it allows you to save over 30% on the subscription.

enotes review

Signing up for the service has several benefits, but if you don’t want to pay and use your eNotes login, you can access some of the website’s features for free. For example, many study guides and annotated texts are available to visitors free of charge.


eNotes does not offer writing services, but it does offer a number of guarantees:

  • In some cases, you can get a refund of your payment.
  • The study guides are written by in-house academic writers.
  • The questions are answered by the Educators, who are appointed by eNotes.

Paper quality

Since eNotes does not provide essay writing services, it is impossible to judge the content quality of the papers. However, a detailed look at their study guides reveals that they appear to be well-written by knowledgeable authors.

Even though there is an opportunity to get your study questions answered by an eNotes employee, you should remember that this service won’t do your homework for you. So if you are looking for a comprehensive homework writing solution, eNotes is not your best option.


There are no indications of any illegal activity at eNotes. The service has been around long enough to earn a certain reputation among its customers. The prices could have been lower, but at least you know what you’re paying for.

The only possible situation where users can feel scammed is when they forget to cancel their subscription and their credit card gets charged. You won’t be refunded in this case, so make sure to keep track of your subscription.

Online reputation

Over the 20+ years since eNotes launched, the reviews for the service have been mostly positive. Users particularly like the clear structure of the website, the amount of information already contained on eNotes, and the fact that new guides and question answers are regularly added to the site.



  • Lots of study guides and answers
  • An opportunity to ask your own question
  • Experts are personally approved by eNotes


  • eNotes does not actually do your homework for you
  • The scope of materials is limited to several subjects
  • Many materials are hidden behind a paywall
  • Occasional intrusive ads even in paid accounts
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Guarantees
  • Support


eNotes is a good study solution if you are ready to do your homework yourself and just need a little help understanding the specifics. If you need someone to write your homework for you, eNotes will not help you with that.