eNotes Review

eNotes Review

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Founded in 1998, eNotes was at the forefront of providing teachers and students with learning resources and materials to facilitate the pressures of education. As eNotes is a subscription service, a customer first has to register with the site for them to appreciate the complete support. However, regular questions like literature and math queries can be asked without having to subscribe. In case you have a subscription, you first enjoy a 48-hour eNotes free trial interval accessing the site. Each of the websites features are accessible for you, but you cannot download pdf materials. They require your credit advice first before allowing you access. If during or after the trial you find that you’re unhappy with the website, you are able to cancel your subscription. You just have to log into your eNotes accounts and go into the handle subscription pub. Then you click on the cancel my subscription along with a `’no please, then cancel.” Then you’ll be requested to submit cancel and feedback. A confirmation message will be sent to you alerting you to the success of your cancellation.

eNotes: Overview

It’s one of the most visited instruction websites in America averaging 11 million people every month. eNotes also records 750 new subscriptions daily throughout a school year. It mainly concentrates on history and literature although there’s also advice on humanities. It boasts of a staff of over 1000 professors and professors who contribute the vast majority of the content uploaded on the site. The majority of the substance is for middle and higher school students but they also concentrate on school ones as well.

eNotes: Prices

Virtually every eNotes review that we have encounter compliments the website for its medium pricing. It allows the majority of pupils the ability to get their services. There are different charges for students and teachers. eNotes basic which is $14.99 a month or $49.99 annually. Deciding upon the annual subscription is more economical as it pertains to just $4.17 monthly. It comes with 300,000 homework help replies, over 30,000 study guides, 4 pdf downloads each month and ad-free content. eNotes plus: it contains 30,000 study manuals, 10 pdf downloads per month over 300,000 homework aid replies, 20% reduction on assignment help and ad-free content. It’s also more affordable for an yearly subscription since it comes down to $16.67 monthly.

Quality of eNotes

The question which most people ask is”what exactly are eNotes?” Well, they are digital notes, making them requires somebody to have a computer. They are crucial for reminding individuals of essential things. eNotes uses this technique. Their literature notes and guides are easy to access and download. They guarantee that everything that goes up on the website has been thoroughly assessed to avoid uploading content that is not factual. With a community of over 1,000 professors and teachers, the site ensures that they discuss with their clients quality work. They’ve a team that assesses each material to prevent grammatical, plagiarized and misleading data getting posted on their stage. Their version of operation appears to utilize them since they are among those few businesses that hit maturity shortly after launching with favorable reviews from their own subscribers.


In the setup of the website , the font and color combination give the website a professional sense. The information they post is directly to the point; this avoids cluttering the homepage using insignificant details. Navigating through the site is also straightforward, and their client care staff are on standby ready to assist you once you encounter any problem.

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While our experience with eNotes was far from perfect, we have already reviewed and found truly professional services. Check our top services reviews.

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