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We did not find Edusson to be a good option for your writing needs due to the quality of service.

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The results of our research

As always, we began reviewing the Edusson paper writing service by checking the website for information about the company. Surprisingly enough, there is no history or interesting facts to be found on the Edusson website, and there is no information on when the service was launched, which we instantly found suspicious.

A closer look at the website revealed that the service conceals a lot more information from the customers, including their pricing. However, we did find out that Edusson offers writing services ranging from essays to dissertations, as well as assistance in proofreading and rewriting completed papers by students.

There is a big section of the Edusson website dedicated to hiring new writers. Writers are required to have a Bachelor’s degree, which is not enough to craft academic papers, in our opinion. There is also a warning to the writers not to buy accounts on the website, which makes us think that there have been incidents with fake writer’s accounts in the past.

Pricing and

The writing service works on a bidding system, which we believe to be highly inconvenient and not budget-friendly at all. The system is seemingly simple: you place an order with all the details on the website and wait for the writers to place their bids. However, according to this system, you won’t see a price for your order until you accept one of the bids from the writers, which can make you waste valuable time and money on an essay order that costs way outside your means.

The additional services offered by Edusson include:


If you have written the paper yourself but are not too sure if it has the quality required for a good grade, you can have an Edusson editor proofread it for you.


In case you obtained a written assignment from another source and now need to make it fully original, you can take advantage of the Edusson rewriting service.

Premium writers

For +10% to your order price, you can display your order only to the top 50% of Edusson writers with a Bachelor’s degree and a 90%+ success rate.

Platinum writers

If you can pay 20% more for your order, you can have your order displayed only to the top 20% of Edusson writers with a 95%+ success rate.

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Quality of work execution

To make our Edusson review as complete and fair as possible, we made sure to test the quality of their service and writing. After all, when you order a paper online, you expect the quality of the writing to be superb — after all, if you did not care about the quality of your paper, you wouldn’t go the extra mile of ordering an essay from an online writing service. However, already at the order placement stage, we experienced the first problem: after 2 hours, our order got just two bids.

We chose the more experienced writer and sat back waiting for our Edusson essay, which was due in 36 hours. However, the writer did not deliver the paper on time and was almost 3 hours late with the order. After reviewing the paper, we spotted numerous mistakes, both with the facts and with the grammar. The many spelling mistakes made us think that Edusson is not honest about their hiring policies and will hire pretty much anyone, even a non-native English speaker, to be their writer.



Edusson is not the service to offer too many guarantees to its customers. In fact, we had to do a lot of digging to even spot the guarantee section on their website. According to Edusson, every customer is entitled to the confidentiality guarantee to protect their data.

Another interesting guarantee we found was the plagiarism guarantee. This guarantee means that you should always get a 100% original paper when you order from Edusson. However, only when your paper contains more than 10% of plagiarism, you can file a complaint.

Payment options

The variety of payment options offered by Edusson is not too diverse: you can pay using a Mastercard or Visa credit card, or use your American Express or Discover account. We were surprised not to see PayPal among the payment methods offered by the service, since it is widely regarded as one of the most secure online payment systems in the world.

We were particularly interested in checking Edusson’s revision and refund policies. According to the bidding system, the writer is only paid when you receive the paper and accept it as finished. And while in theory, this should mean that you will always get the highest quality of paper when ordering from Edusson, the reality is rather different. Edusson has a rather complicated system for revisions and refunds, and what’s even worse is that you will never get a 100% refund no matter what. A 70% refund is the highest Edusson will go.


We understand that our single order experience is not enough to tell whether Edusson is a reliable writing service. In our quest to get the most complete picture regarding Edusson’s reputation among customers, we went through hundreds of Edusson reviews on multiple sites. There are some testimonials on the Edusson website, and while they seem rather legit and contain some information about the order, we always take those testimonials with a grain of salt.

If you look for Edusson reviews elsewhere, you will get a much clearer idea about the company’s placement in the essay market. After reviewing numerous reviews, we found that Edusson does not have the best reputation among customers. On many websites including Reddit Edusson often receives negative reviews. The most common complaints about the company are the quality of the writing and missed deadlines. Like us, some customers suspect that the service does not employ strictly native English speakers with degrees from prestigious schools after evaluating the quality of work execution.


We have gathered for you the
Pros and Cons


More control

The bidding system gives you more opportunities for managing your order.

Hiring policies

According to Edusson, they only hire writers with a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree.

Bidding system

The success of the bidding system often depends on how popular and easy your essay assignment is.


With the bidding system, you will likely pay more for your assignment than you would with a regular pricing system.


The quality of writing at Edusson left us and thousands of other customers unimpressed.


At first glance, Edusson has every component of a successful and trustworthy writing service. However, after a closer investigation, we found several major problems with the company and their work quality. Plus, the prices rarely match the quality of the papers and can cause you to overspend if you are ordering in a rush. Until the service changes their approach to work execution and customer satisfaction, we cannot recommend it to our readers.

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