Edusson Review

Edusson Review

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Looking for someone reliable to write your essay, or maybe provide editing and proofreading services? You definitely know that there are companies offering these. But the question is whether they are legit or not? With our edusson review you’ll find out all about their platform, writers, offers and guarantees.

Edusson Overview

Edusson is an expert in ghostwriting, providing custom made writing service to those who can’t handle the essays anymore. They source their writers thanks to the auction system where authors have to bid to get a chance to work for you. Edduson has thousand of writers this way. That’s the reason they can cover your needs 24/7.

Some of the noticeable things to specify in this edusson review are:

  • Ability to discuss the future assignment with your potential writer, before confirming an order.
  • Filter the ones who bid by success rate, number of completed tasks, experience and edusson reviews from previous customers.
  • Some free tools once you have an account.

Let’s talk a bit about the user interface in our edusson review. The website is easy to navigate and as every bidding platform has high security standards. The thing is that you must have money on your Edusson account for the writer to start working on your order. This means that your money is gone, but not paid to your writer yet. Your funds are put on hold until the completion and the platform guarantees their safety. There is also a money back withdraw process, for you to return funds to your bank account. Again to emphasize in this edusson review. Go for a bidding platform only once ensured in their security, since it will be a few transfers for sure. Luckily, there are no edusson reviews related to problems with funds on their platform or during the transfer.

The start page contains a lot of information, so most likely you don’t have to switch from page to page. You will find out about their staff and get to see and read about some writers. Regarding the staff we’ll speak more later in this edusson review. There is also a step by step guide on placing an order and information about the edusson app.

Edusson: features

Edduson proved itself as a very modern and up to date platform. Even though bidding process is known to be time-consuming, the company tries to make things easy and fast:

  • You have to create an account before placing an order. As soon as you do, you have some free tools available. One of them is the Essay Checker. It’s a robot which imitates all the workflow your professors goes through with your essay. The essay checker does a plagiarism and readability check. Checks the relevance of the content, language use, thin content and words stuffing. We thinks it’s a very positive thing to mention in our edusson review.
  • While placing an order as many details as possible are highly appreciated. Even more, if you have some links with your written works, you can include those for the writer to match your style.
  • Once you start receiving bids from writers you will have the chance to communicate with them directly to ensure they are a good fit.
  • The writer will start working on your order immediately after you did the payment. Although he or she will be paid only afterwards, when you approve the order.

We want to mention in this Edusson review that the company made easy to ask for a refund. Basically, it’s enough if you are not happy with the result to get your money back.

Edusson review: Writers

So looking for a reliable writer, you said? It’s totally up to you who will your writer be. A huge benefit of a bidding platform is the fact that you choose who will be responsible for your paper. However, the disadvantage comes right ahead. You will have to dedicate time to select the right candidate. And afterwards, there is still no guarantee that you’ve made a right choice.

Once your order is placed, you will start talking to various writers. But before, review their profiles in detail. Below in our edusson review we list the things you have to pay extra attention to:

  • The writer’s success rate. So, the proportion between completed orders and successful ones. A successful order is a paper which didn’t require revisions or refunds.
  • Customer reviews are crucial at this stage as well. Of course, you can only hope that the platform published all reviews fairly, regardless their content. If you see only 5+ reviews and pure excellence, you might start being suspicious about their credibility.
  • The overall statistics of the writer’s account. How long he or she has been writing for edduson. How many orders are completed? How many fields of study are included in their expertise.

As we mentioned before in our edusson review, you can always ask for a refund. This helps if at the end the writer wasn’t as brilliant as the profile stated. Let’s discuss their guarantees below.

Edusson review: Guarantees

Your writer is paid only when you press the release button. Therefore it’s a good idea to double-check carefully your paper before doing that. There are a few interesting details we must mention in our edusson review:

  • You can ask for a revision or refund only if you haven’t pressed the abovementioned ‘release’ button.
  • Your refund request has to be placed within 3 days after the completion of order. Regardless if you press the ‘release’ button or not, after 3 days the company will pay your writer. So be fast!
  • If your revision request doesn’t match with the original order it will be declined.
  • If you cancel your order during the process of completion your writer will get paid partially. You will be entitled for a partial refund in this case.


Even though Edusson seems to be a modern platform with decent writers, their policies are very much against the customer rights. 3 days for requesting a revision or refund are definitely not enough. Especially in situation when you ordered a 30 paged paper.

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Guarantees
  • Support


While the website and user panel is smooth, the quality of the papers you get with Edusson is far from perfect. Writers are pretty hard-to-reach. Also, we had a feeling that there are bots who chat with you by the name of the writers.