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The level of service and writing quality at Bid4Papers is not nearly as high as we expected.

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Bid4Papers is not the oldest academic writing service in the industry, having been established only in 2013. However, it quickly gathered attention from the students for one simple reason: instead of paying a set price for your order, like you would do in most other writing services, here you can have writers compete for your order.

This premise is certainly interesting because it gives you as a customer more control over the price and result of your order. When you place the order and review the bids from the writers, you can check each writer’s average score and read the testimonials from other customers to determine whether their writing abilities are a good choice for you.

Bid4Papers does not have an exact list of services offered by the company, since, in theory, it is possible for the writers to complete any order you may have. However, the reality may be very different. If you come to Bid4Papers with a particularly complex topic or rare type of paper, there is a chance that you will get little to no bids.

Pricing and

The name Bid4Papers should give you a pretty good idea about the type of service you can get there. You place your order and then the writers literally bid for papers. That is why there is no steady pricing model or other ways to tell how much your order is going to cost. For the same reason, there are no discount codes or promotions — the ultimate price you pay for the paper depends on how many writers will be willing to write your assignment and how motivated they will be for you to choose them.

To assist you, Bid4Papers offers the following features:

Individual approach to orders

You can come to the Bid4Papers writers with any type of order — they are supposed to offer all kinds of services to students of all academic levels.

Manage your order

The topic and subject, word or page count, and deadline of your order are entirely up to you. You can include any details with your order and expect the writer to follow them.

Communicate with the writer

At any stage of the process, from when you first place the order until you receive the paper, you can easily contact the writer to track the progress of your order or make amendments.

Enjoy the result

At the end of the day, the Bid4Papers are there to make you happy with your order experience. If you are not satisfied by the result, the Bid4Papers customer support should offer a solution for you.

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Quality of work execution

To test the quality of work for our Bid4Papers review, we both checked other testimonials online and made a custom order for an essay on History. We picked a rather narrow topic that is not the easiest one. We were still very unpleasantly surprised when after four hours, our order received only one bid from a writer. The paper was delivered a couple of hours late and contained several serious factual mistakes, which we see as unacceptable. The choice of language wasn’t always ideal.

When we checked the reviews from other customers who used the Bid4Papers services in the past, we discovered several common problems with the service. The most common complaint is the missed deadline. The writers are also known for not taking the customer’s requirements into account. Finally, the contents of the papers are often a problem as well: from the word choice to the punctuation, it may turn out that you need to do extra editing once you receive the final draft of the paper.



Surprisingly enough, for a rather popular writing service, Bid4Papers does not offer a lot of guarantees to the customers. Since the order placing system is so flexible, there really isn’t much Bid4Papers can do to make you feel more confident when you order.

The service does, however, have a money back guarantee. Nevertheless, it comes with a twist. If you received the order from the writer and clicked the Release button, it means the money has already gone to the writer and you will not ever get a refund.

Payment options

Bid4Papers offers two options for customers to pay for their orders. The first one is to use PayPal to transfer the required amount of money directly to the writer. Once the order is completed, the payment is released to the writer. Payments are processed securely using SSL encryption, and PayPal is also known for being safe.

Another option you have when paying for the order is to transfer the money to your Bid4Papers account and then use it to pay for the orders. This option is a good choice if you plan to become a regular customer of the service, but otherwise, your money will be safer in your own PayPal account. We also found the selection of payment options at Bid4Papers to be limited. The service does not accept any popular online payment systems, so you’ll either need to become a PayPal user or look for an alternative service for your writing needs.


When it was first launched, Bid4Papers easily attracted the attention of the students who were tired of academic writing services choosing the prices for essays and other assignments. Being able to manage the order price and choose the most qualified or affordable writer for your task seemed like a great idea at first. However, several years later, the opinions of the public regarding Bid4Papers services and policies have largely changed.

Today, while some customers are perfectly happy with the services and prices that Bid4Papers provides, many of them are not satisfied by the first ordering experience and do not plan on ordering in the future. Many customers are especially unhappy with the fact that their complex orders receive either no bids at all or 1-2 bids from mid-range writers, since the writers understandably want to work with easy assignments. And, ultimately, the bidding system does not guarantee the lowest price: although prices per page start at $7.50, you are unlikely to pay that little for your order.


We have gathered for you the
Pros and Cons


Bidding system

The bidding system allows you to manage the orders and prices by yourself.

The team of writers

You can communicate directly with the writer throughout the process.

Prices and discounts

The final order prices at Bid4Papers will likely be higher than at other writing services.

Number of Bids

Only easy and common orders receive the highest number of bids.

Payment System

There is no way to get your money back after the payment was released to the writer.

Quality of writing

The quality of writing differs from writer to writer and can not fit your standards.


The idea behind Bid4Papers, where the customer is allowed to choose the writer for the order and the most acceptable price, seemed excellent at first. However, the execution of the idea by Bid4Papers is less than successful. There are many writers who are not ready for complicated orders and even when they do accept your order, they will charge you a considerable amount of money. All in all, we do not recommend Bid4Papers for your study needs.

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