Bid4Papers Review

Bid4Papers Review

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As you’ve already guessed from the title, today we’ll talk about Bid4Papers custom writing service! If you’ve ever seen sites like Bid4Papers before, you might know that it’s not your usual custom writing service exactly. This essay service is rather a marketplace, where you place an order and let writers bid on it. Then, you’re free to choose the writer and the price you like the most. Sounds great, right? The thing is, bidding sites like Bid4Papers often have their own advantages and disadvantages, so inexperienced customer might get confused. But don’t worry, that’s why ReviewingWriting exists in the first place! This essay review will help you figure out whether this is the right custom writing service for you.

But first, let’s check their website for some general info. Bid4Papers is a Cyprus-based company that’s been on the market for the last 5 years. Just like other sites like Bid4Papers, they don’t have a clear list of services or prices, obviously. That’s actually one of the main disadvantages of bidding sites – you’d have to place an order to see whether someone’s going to take it. Another disadvantage is that such companies have less control over their writers, allowing for scammers and poor-quality content. So, is Bid4Papers legit and what should you know about this particular custom writing service? Let’s find out in this essay service review!

Bid4Papers: Price List

As I’ve already mentioned, such services don’t have fixed prices – it all depends on the difficulty of your particular task. Type of paper, requirements and your preferred level of writing, deadlines – all these things affect the bids. The bidding itself starts at $7.50 per page and can’t go any lower, but that’s still pretty affordable. And, if you pay extra $5 for a “Featured order” option, your paper will be given the highest priority. According to many Bid4Papers reviews, that’s the smart thing to do, as bidding process might take some time.

Yet, there are some downsides to this system. For instance, sites like Bid4Papers don’t usually offer any discounts. You can try and persuade the writer to give you a discount, of course, but that depends on your luck and negotiation skills. In the end, you have a high chance of getting a cheap paper, but that too depends on your luck.

Quality level

As for the quality level, it’s not the highest, judging by most Bid4Papers reviews. As Bid4Papers hires ENL and ESL writers alike, their level of writing varies greatly, obviously.  So, it’s all on you which writer you’ll choose. Luckily, you can check writer’s profile, their rates, and feedback before you make any serious choice. Almost every essay service review out there warns us that this step is crucial if you want a good paper. That’s why it’s also important to talk to your writer directly before accepting them: check their level of writing and preferred disciplines.

So, is Bid4Papers legit? Yes, it’s definitely not a scam service and they do, in fact, deliver papers. However, almost every essay service review agrees that the company has little to no control over what’s happening there. They can’t control their writers, so it again depends on your luck, whether your writer is decent.

Deadline Range

As I’ve mentioned before, there is no clear list of services you can order, and the same goes for deadlines range. Hopefully, this means that you can ask for any delivery deadline you want, urgent or not. That doesn’t mean the writer will be ready on time, though, so be careful. I’ve seen more than one negative Bid4Papers review from customers who never received their finished papers at all.


It seems it’s all about your luck when it comes to essay custom writing service. You might get a decent paper for a cheap price, or you might get nothing. I hope this Bid4Papers review will help you decide whether you should risk with this service or not,

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