About Me

Paul BarnesHow often have you found yourself sitting at your desk with an urgent essay assignment, when suddenly you realize there is no way you can finish that assignment on time? Or even if you can, you will have to sacrifice everything else on your schedule, including sleep, social life, and your time to prepare other tasks. That is clearly not an option, and this is where students first get the idea of ordering their paper from an essay writing service.

Essay writing has gone from being a niche industry to being one of the biggest education-related businesses of our time. One would think that the increase in the number of essay writing service providers would lead to an increase in the quality of the papers and overall service, but sadly, that is far from being true.

Today, when you need someone to write your essay or another task, you have hundreds of writing services to choose from. But how to pick the one that will deliver top-notch writing without breaking your bank or causing you problems due to plagiarism or late submission? Those are the kinds of questions I am here to answer on ReviewingWriting.

Who Am I?

My name is Paul Barnes and I am the Founder and Chief Editor of ReviewingWriting. I have spent the past decade researching the ins and outs of the world of professional essay writing. I know exactly what to look for in a good writing service and what are the most common features of bad writing services should be avoided at all costs. More importantly, I am ready to share that information with you, and that is the number one reason I founded ReviewingWriting.

Why Am I Doing This?

Not that long ago, I was a student, just like you. Our professors seemed to have some sort of a competition over who would give the biggest task with the shortest deadline to their students. I had to work to partially support myself financially since my parents could not do it on their own. Eventually, I found myself unable to deal with the huge number of assignments and had to look for help.

During my student years, I have worked with numerous essay writing services, and while some of those experiences were very positive, I cannot say the same about most of them. My papers were late, there was blatant plagiarism in them, or the quality of writing in those papers was too low for words, and all of that happened more often than you could imagine.

By the time I graduated, I was completely fed up with the amount of scam that was happening in the essay writing industry, and I made it my goal to fight the scam for the next generation of students. Nothing hurts me more than seeing hopeful students paying their hard-earned money for a mediocre quality of writing or no writing at all. ReviewingWriting was created with a single objective: to help you navigate the precarious world of online essay writing without any letdowns or sacrifices.

About My Team

Over the years, I have met several people who are as passionate about essay writing as I am and are very determined to show the students that there are plenty of ways to get high-quality written assignments without any risks. Our team is not very big, but each one of those people is a true pro at what they do. These are the people who find and deliver the knowledge to our readers.

Jack Gillis

Jack Gillis, Researcher

Jack has plenty of experience with the essay writing industry, both as a customer and as a writer. Eventually, he became disappointed in the amount of scam activity and overall low quality of writing delivered by some services, and now he can spot them from a mile away. Jack is the one helping us find the most popular essay services to write about.



Elizabeth Day

Elizabeth Day, Editor

Prior to joining our team as an editor, Elizabeth has worked with numerous online magazines and blogs, and we feel very lucky to have her with us. Elizabeth is a talented editor who has a knack for noticing and correcting mistakes in any text. Her contribution allows us to deliver only the highest quality of content to our readers.



Dominic White

Dominic White, Designer

We care a lot about the contents of our reviews, but they would have never  become so popular with students if it wasn’t for the attractive and functional design of our website. We have Dominic to thank for it, as he is working every day to maintain a concise, appealing look of our site and making it easier for you to find the information you need.



Nathalie Dennis

Nathalie Dennis, Communications Manager

Every day, we hear from students like you, who have devoured the information we have on our website and now have questions, comments, or suggestions. Here at ReviewingWriting, we are always happy to hear from our readers, and that is why we put Nathalie in charge. She makes sure our message is clear and no customer question is left unanswered.



Clearly, our team is very small, but I have full confidence in each of the people I work with. Since we started working together years ago, we have developed certain guidelines for developing new content and ways to determine whether it resonated well with our readers. With some of the top industry professionals under our belt and years of expertise, we believe that ReviewingWriting has everything it takes to become your go-to source of essay writing service reviews, tips, and warnings.