1Checker Review

1Checker Review

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This service is a spell and grammar checking app.Microsoft Word does a poor job catching writing errors. WordPress has an ok, but not a spell and grammar. So, I decided to search for another spell checker in the App Store. There was one available. It was called 1Checker.

Quality of 1Checker

I decided to check this service out. Service requires you to log into the internet. This is strange, but I thought why not. I cut and pasted a text from my blog to check for errors in it.The output result from essay grammar and spell was awful. The suggestions look as if they come from speakers.Many of the suggestions 1Checker gives to correct sense is not made by a prose piece, in terms of the sentence’s context. This service is a premium level of proofreader that provide the perfect solution for proofreading by supplying the options in form of grammar check, spell check, dictionary level, vocabulary level, style review, translation and many more.

1Checker: service

In a nutshell, number of chances for very high in the 1Checker or assessing the paper that make it sure for the users they get the proofread paper in return. It’s advised to you forward your document or paper unless you’ve it proofread by yourself or by using any platform that was proofreading. This essay site is such type of proofreading platform that use the human checking system in a mechanical manner.


The benefits of utilizing 1Checker prevent the embarrassing mistakes and mistakes, is entirely free and would be the surety for a precise amount of proofreading. This essay platform is a multiplatform paper rating system that is normal in both online and downloadable versions. The downloadable version is available for the Mac and Windows operating systems. Moreover, its plugin for Outlook and MS Word is available.

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While our experience with 1Checker was far from perfect, we have already reviewed and found truly professional services. Check our top services reviews.