123HelpMe Review

123HelpMe Review

123HelpMe is probably one of the most well-known and at the same time controversial companies in the academic writing industry. If you’ve never heard about them before, don’t worry, this 123HelpMe review will answer all your questions. So, what is 123HelpMe exactly and what should you know about this company? Is 123HelpMe legit or is it yet another scam service?  Is 123HelpMe safe to use? Let’s start with the basics!

First of all, 123HelpMe is not a custom writing service in the usual sense, as they do not write papers. What they do is store thousands of pre-written essay samples. So, if you’re looking for an original work from scratch, you’ll have to find a custom writing service, not 123HelpMe. But who needs companies like 123HelpMe then? Well, the website states crystal-clear: all papers are provided for research use only and should be used to stimulate your own ideas. So, 123HelpMe is basically meant to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing. If you’d like this kind of help, this 123HelpMe review is just the right thing for you!

Price List

Why would 123HelpMe, a database with pre-written essays, ask for money when they don’t actually provide any service, you ask? Frankly, I’d like to know the answer too, and I’m not the only one. Hundreds of users ask the same very question in their 123HelpMe reviews: “What do I even pay for?” And yet, there is no answer as to why you should pay to have access to free essay samples. You just have to. So, if you want to actually read those samples, you’ll have to register a 123HelpMe account, supposedly for free. But what the company calls 123HelpMe “free account” actually requires a paid subscription, either for a month, three months or a year. A one-month plan costs $30 per month for unlimited access to essay database. A 123HelpMe account for 3 months costs $60, and a yearly plan costs $10 per month.

If somehow you are not that interested in buying this 123HelpMe “free account”, don’t worry. More than one 123HelpMe review confirms that you can still download some papers for free with a 123HelpMe invite code. The company provides these codes every day so that you could check out the quality of works they offer. However, you never know whether the 123HelpMe invite code will be useful for your paper, as they are random.

Quality level

If you’re still wondering “is 123HelpMe legit or not?” you probably haven’t been paying attention. The thing is, all the papers in their database are free donations from students, so the actual company doesn’t even do anything. This means that not only do they take your money for nothing, but also don’t guarantee any quality whatsoever. According to their website, for instance, 123HelpMe disclaims all liability to anything they post or your use of their materials.

What’s even more, if you ask “is 123HelpMe safe at least?” the answer is still no. Almost every 123HelpMe review I’ve encountered states that the majority of essay samples are simply fake! According to these 123HelpMe reviews, the so-called “full version” of the paper is often hardly any longer than its preview. It seems that 123HelpMe tries to make it look like they have thousands of samples simply to get your subscription. It’s a smart move, especially considering the fact that you’ll hardly be able to unsubscribe. More than one 123HelpMe review confirms: the company will do anything they can to deny your unsubscription request.


As you can see, 123HelpMe is pretty much a scam service that preys on unsuspecting students. I really hope this 123HelpMe review will save your time and money, for an honest service, for instance.


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